What is it?

    A citywide ten gigabit fibre optic network.

    Where will it be available?

    City of Adelaide and North Adelaide.

    How does it work?

    By bypassing consumer level internet and delivering data through global
    cloud based data exchanges to connect directly with the world. This will
    provide a high-speed connection with increased security and a lower

    How is it different to the NBN?

    The NBN will be available to anyone and connect to the world through
    the internet. It uses a majority Fibre to the Node (FttN) technology, which
    utilises existing copper cabling at the end. It provides a maximum speed
    of 100Mb/s over an asynchronous connection and is susceptible to

    How is it different to GigCity?

    GigCity uses SABRENet (SA Broadband and Research Education Network),
    which is essentially a closed network for research and training institutions. It
    is targeted at entrepreneurs, start-ups and universities and will be available at
    select locations in innovation precincts around Adelaide. It uses a fibre-optic
    network to provide a congestion free, synchronous connection at up to
    10Gb/s. The Ten Gigabit City Network extends the reach of the GigCity network to users
    outside of the SABRENet range.

    How does the Ten Gigabit City Network benefit me?

    - Provides a congestion free 10Gb/s connection
    - Synchronous speeds (identical upload/download speed)
    - Higher level of security than a public network
    - Lower latency

    When will it be available?

    The responses to the Expression of interest (EoI) are likely to provide some
    options in this regard.

    What will it cost to connect?

    Connection costs are not known at this point; they will however, be lower than
    the current cost of installing this type of connection.

    Still confused? (Remember TGCN is the Ten Gigabit City Network)