What is a Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan?

    Stretch Reconciliation Actions Plans (RAPs) capture clear and measurable targets for the delivery of meaningful reconciliation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. 

    Reconciliation Actions Plans are individually endorsed by Reconciliation Australia after extensive consultation. The City of Adelaide was the first local government in Australia to have a RAP lasting for more than one year.

    How long does the City of Adelaide Reconciliation Action Plan last?

    The City of Adelaide Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) lasts for three years. We were the first local government organisation in Australia to have a RAP lasting for more than one year.

    Our current Stretch RAP 2015 -2018 is approaching its final year.

    How is this Stretch RAP 2021- 2024 being created?

    The process of building a RAP is guided and monitored by Reconciliation Australia and involves comprehensive community engagement.

    Since November 2020 (through to February 2021), the City of Adelaide’s then Participation and Inclusion team has been working with a range of key stakeholders alongside the Reconciliation Committee and other Aboriginal community members and organisations to build a new Stretch RAP 2021-2024 for our City. 

    On February 18, City of Adelaide will engage with staff across our organisation, who will generate ideas and opportunities that demonstrate their commitment to meaningful reconciliation.

    In addition to seeking your thoughts, we will be sitting down to listen to what the Kaurna community, wider Aboriginal Languages Groups and First Nations community members, Adelaide CBD based Aboriginal organisations and businesses suggest the focus of our reconciliation activities should be over the life of the next Stretch RAP 2021-2024.

    What kinds of activities are included for action in a RAP?

    RAP actions can take different forms. Our current RAP has actions that relate to each of the Six Guiding Principles. Some actions are enduring such as City of Adelaide’s commitment to regular consultation with Traditional Owners, the Kaurna peoples while other actions are project based such as internal employment targets for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, specific Park Lands management activities or sharing First Nations stories.