Why is Council consulting on this lease?

    Lease consultation is a statutory requirement under the Local Government Act (SA) 1999 when the term of the lease is greater than 5 years. This lease is for 15 years. 

    Why does the Adelaide Archery Club require a long-term lease?

    With an approximate club membership of 180 registered members, the current facilities do not cater for their needs. The building extension will provide more toilets (including an accessible toilet) and better storage solutions. As the club is funding the extension out of their own funds, the long term lease allows the club to secure its investment over a longer period whilst also allowing the club to maintain club activities and plan for club growth into the future. 

    Can my submission include commentary about the building extension?

    Yes, it can. However, the community are asked to consider the terms and conditions of the lease when providing comments to the consultation. Council have already considered the merit of the building extension and have provided consent (acting as landlord) to proceed. The club also has secured Development Approval for the extension as per the Development Act (SA) 1993. 

    How will this long-term leasing arrangement affect my use of Bullrush Park/Warnpangga (Park 10)?

    It is anticipated that the long-term lease and its associated uses will not change how the community currently experience this area of the Park Lands. It is anticipated that the community will continue to benefit from all uses of this park, now and into the future. 

    Will there be any further engagement on the proposed changes to the archery club building?

    The club have received all appropriate approvals to proceed with the building extension. At this stage there are no plans to undertake any further engagement for this proposal. 

    When will the extension of the building take place?

    It is proposed that the building works will commence in the first 18 months of the new lease which will commence on 1 October 2020. 

    What happens to the length of the lease if the club does not go ahead with the extension?

    If the club do not proceed with the extension of the building, the lease will revert back to a 5 year lease agreement. 

    Are there any other changes proposed to the site?

    There are no other changes that have been proposed. 

    How do I become a member of the Adelaide Archery Club?

    Please make direct contact with the Adelaide Archery Club. They will welcome your query and setting up a come and try session with you;  http://www.adelaidearchery.org.au/