What is the vision for the Bank Street link?

    To create a truly unique Adelaide laneway experience, that encourages people to immerse themselves and spend time enjoying the laneways as a destination, rewarding them with vibrant high quality urban places and diverse experiences.

    When will the project commence?

    The preparatory work has already commenced to ensure that functional and practical considerations about the traffic movement and utilities under the ground are taken into account in designing a flexible and balanced space for all.

    Capital works will commence in Bank St in 2017. Timing will be dependent on the issues and concerns raised during investigations, consultation and the design process.

    Have we consulted already with Traders and the broader community?

    Yes. Following our consultation with you in April earlier this year (How do you like your Laneways), you told us what was important to you regarding the future of these Laneways.

    From here, we have developed designs taking into consideration the top 5 themes you shared with us:

    • Greenery, trees, grass
    • Limited car access, pedestrian priority
    • Lighting, nice lighting
    • Public art, street art
    • Atmosphere, vibrancy, character, buzzing, lively.

    Will there be more trees?

    Yes. Trees are part of the design of the street. However where the trees go will be carefully considered to ensure they do not impact or interfere with the CCTV visibility and the services and utilities that are underground. We will also keep trees away from the “entrance” of the street to help maintain visibility and create an open and inviting entry into the city.

    Will there be more parking?

    No. The current arrangement for short-term pick up and drop off will remain and allow for the opportunity to create a shared zone and to increase the flexibility and usage of the space.

    What will happen to the loading bays?

    The number of loading bays will remain unchanged. There will continue to be four (4) loading zones.

    Will the Parklets be removed?

    The Parklets will be removed as part of the street upgrade to allow for more business opportunities including outdoor dining.

    When will the Bank Street capital works be completed?

    The program for works is dependent on weather and retailer trading times.  Currently the work is scheduled to be completed with 9 months, commencing between March and April 2017 and ending in December 2017.