Why is the community engagement function of CoA being reviewed?


    CoA reviews many of its functions on a regular basis. This review is timely as the new CoA Strategic Plan is currently being developed which will allow us to consider community engagement within the broader context of CoA’s direction over the next four years.

    Have there been any previous reviews?


    Community engagement focuses on continuous improvement. The current Community Consultation Policy was reviewed in 2018 and 2019. Prior to this, the last major service review was conducted in 2013.

    How will I learn about the outcome of the review?

    The outcome will be posted on the ‘Community Engagement Review’ Your Say Adelaide webpage.

    Can I provide feedback somewhere other than the ‘Your Say Adelaide’ page?


    Yes. You can post or email your comments direct to the consultants. Written submissions should be addressed to:


    Daniel Thorpe, Director

    Gould Thorpe Planning

    PO BOX 688, Stepney SA 5069

    E: daniel@gtplanning.com.au

    Does CoA have a legal requirement to engage with the community?


    CoA has a legal requirement to consult with its communities in certain situations. These are outlined in the CoA’s Community Consultation Policy. Approximately 30% of CoA engagement activity is required by law.

    Will my comments be made available to CoA staff?

    No. CoA staff will only receive a summary of the feedback and the main themes.

    I’m aware of some new and innovative ways that other Councils have used in consulting their communities. Can I contribute these ideas?

    Yes, the consultants are keen to learn of successful techniques used elsewhere and how they might by adapted to local use.

    Will I have the opportunity to have a say about CoA projects and activities in the future?

    Yes. The review is focussing on how the CoA can engage more effectively with the community.