The development of the Strategic Plan was informed by extensive community engagement (more than 2,000 people) through Picture Adelaide 2040, employing a broad mix of traditional and innovative consultation methods.

The Strategic Plan and draft Integrated Business Plan are directly aligned. The Integrated Business Plan is presented under the four themes identified in the Strategic Plan: Smart, Green, Liveable and Creative.

This year's draft Integrated Business Plan is the result of a rigorous process of review and challenge to every aspect of Council’s projected revenue and expenditure with a strong focus on efficiency and alignment to the 2016-20 Strategic Plan. It has incorporated significant challenging of resources required to deliver on our objectives and a high level of interrogation of business needs across the organisation.

A number of reviews have been undertaken across the organisation to ensure we are structured and resourced appropriately to deliver on the Strategic Plan. Further reviews will be undertaken as part of a rolling program to evaluate our service delivery, efficiency and effectiveness.

Combined savings and efficiencies identified during the 2017-18 budget cycle exceed $3 million, which has created capacity to absorb significant incremental cost pressures in areas such as energy prices and technology costs.

In developing the Infrastructure Program, major opportunities were identified to align upcoming asset renewals to more holistic streetscape improvements. A multi-year investment has been proposed to create a rolling program of city improvements balanced with essential renewals. Where required, projects have been accelerated for delivery in the 2017-18 year with a strong focus on community value.

The projects that help to deliver our strategic plan have been prioritised with a focus on strategic plan alignment, business criticality and capacity to deliver.

A strong commercial approach has been applied in the development of the commercial businesses budget. This approach will deliver supplementary revenue streams from existing assets, whilst addressing key business risks.

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