Project background

The O-Bahn City Access Project impacts land under the care, control and management of Adelaide City Council. To allow project works to happen, some areas of the Park Lands have already been transferred to the Minister or licensed to the Minister (Current Construction Licence Plan). This land will be used to support the construction of the tunnel and associated infrastructure, the tunnel portal, and the tunnel ramp and surface road works near Grenfell Street.

At the end of the project, when the tunnel has been built and its exact position is known, it is the intention of the Minister to return all of the land to Council, with the exception of the land used for the O-Bahn tunnel, related underground infrastructure and the section of road from the tunnel portal to East Terrace. The dedication of this land will be returned to park land purposes.

In addition to the land that has been transferred to the Minister, there are several areas within the Park Lands that have also been licenced to the Minister by virtue of a Construction Licence. These areas are either adjacent to the tunnel corridor or required for the road works or bridge construction. They are being used for site buildings (e.g. amenities, site offices), storage of plants, machinery and materials and temporary stockpiling of soil during tunnel construction.

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