Project purpose and and background information


Council is seeking your responses on a proposed 2 year Licence over sections of Park Lands to allow for the construction of sections of the O-Bahn City Access Project.

The Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) proposes to use portions of Tainmuntilla (Park 11), Rundle Park/Kadlitpina and Rymill Park/ Murlawirrapurka.

To allow the project works to happen, it is proposed that some areas of the Park Lands will either be transferred or licenced to the Minister:

  • Transferred land will be used to support the construction of the tunnel and associated infrastructure.
  • Licenced areas (see plan) will be used for site amenities and offices; the storage of plant, machinery and materials; and temporary stockpiling of soil during tunnel construction.

Under the Local Government Act 1999, Councils are required to formally undertake public consultation for a lease or licence over community land when there is a substantial change of use to the land. Consultation will be undertaken for a period of 21 days to allow you to consider the proposed licence and submit your comments to Council.

Before providing your submission below, please take the time to:

  • read through the Consultation Pack and Draft Licence Agreement for background information on this project.
  • read through the Background information below.
  • View the proposed map outlining the licenced area on the right hand side.
  • view the FAQs section on the right-hand side for commonly asked questions about this project.


Parts of the O-Bahn City Access Project impact land under the care, control and management of Council. The proposed new infrastructure and modifications to land includes:

  • An underground tunnel that passes under Rundle and Rymill Parks and under Rundle Road.
  • The tunnel portal and ramp that brings the O-Bahn back up to ground level in Rymill Park to join the normal road network at the junction of East Terrace and Grenfell Street.
  • The re-alignment of East Terrace.
  • Modifications to Rundle Road.
  • A new pedestrian and cycle bridge over the River Torrens adjacent to Hackney Road.

In addition to the construction of the O-Bahn infrastructure the project will:

  • Modify the layout of East Terrace and Rundle Road including alterations to the cross section of Rundle Road to improve pedestrian and cycling facilities as well as adjustments to on-street parking layouts.
  • Develop a high quality design response to remediate areas of the Park Lands that have been impacted by the project while respecting and enhancing the existing cultural and heritage aspects.

The area proposed to be transferred to the care, control and management of the Minister is the corridor where the O-Bahn tunnel will be situated, along with an underground tunnel and associated infrastructure.

The area for transfer is much wider than the width of the tunnel to allow space for variation in the final alignment of the tunnel (since a contractor has not yet been selected for the project and the design of the tunnel is not yet finalised) and to allow for the construction works.

In addition to the land proposed to be transferred, there are several areas within the Park Lands that are proposed to be licenced to the Minister and includes Park Lands that are either adjacent to the tunnel corridor or required for the road works or bridge construction.

The draft licence allows the Minister to use the land for certain purposes as long as certain conditions are met, which include:

  • No advertising.
  • No parking of workers’ vehicles on Park Lands.
  • Tree impacts are to be minimised and trees that are to be retained are protected.
  • No contamination.

At the end of the project it is intended that the Minister will return the Park Lands to Council, with the exception of the land used for the O-Bahn tunnel, related underground infrastructure and the section of road from the tunnel entry to East Terrace.

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Consultation has concluded

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