Why are some on street parking conditions being changed?

    Council has approved the introduction of 2-3 hour time limits on parking between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm Monday to Friday on Goodwood Rd and on the south side of South Tce.  These changes are to support the community accessing the Park Lands and in particular Golden Wattle Park.

    Why is a car park required in Golden Wattle Park and what will it look like?

    Council has approved establishing a car park of up to 150 vehicles to support organised sporting use of Golden Wattle Park.  As part of a precinct approach to parking, Council plans to reduce the broad acre parking in an adjacent park from 800 spaces to 580.  Part of these plans include the introduction of a two pitch hockey facility.  Within these two parks, there will be 730 off-street parking spaces servicing a regional netball, hockey, and cricket/AFL facility.  At peak times, demand will exceed the number of off street spaces provided and access to on-street parking will be required.

    Council has requested that the car park design be sensitive to the Park Lands environment with appropriate plantings and permeable surfaces.

    Why is a new sports pavilion required and what will it look like?

    The new sports pavilion will replace the existing building, which is in poor condition structurally.  The existing building does not meet contemporary sports facility guidelines and lacks appropriate amenities, particularly for female players and officials.  The new pavilion will contain fit-for-purpose amenities and facilities for a range of participants and activities. 

    The building has not been designed but it will be a two-level facility of no greater than 465sqm of ground footprint, incorporating an undercroft of the lower level and landscape and architecture treatments to reduce its visual impact.

    What will the new sports pavilion be used for?

    The new sports pavilion will provide essential amenities to support community sport including change rooms for players and officials, first aid, storage, etc. as well as social spaces for sports related gatherings.  These social spaces are integral to community sport in relation to forming community connections that often start on the playing field and are strengthened through off field interactions.

    It is acknowledged that sports pavilions can sit unused for a significant time each week due to the majority of community sports training and competition occurring on weeknights and weekends.  As such, we are interested to explore opportunities for this pavilion to service the wider community through other programming ideas.

    There is no intention to increase the size of the building as already proposed.  However, through subtle design features internal spaces could enable broader community use. 

    Why is the new sports pavilion in a different location to the existing building?

    The new sports pavilion is planned to be central to the playing fields to facilitate better access for all participants and reduce its visual impact by having it further away from the park edges.  By locating the pavilion in an east-west orientation, we can optimise the passive heating and cooling qualities of the facility.

    Does the draft Concept Plan propose a change of use to the sporting areas?

    Fundamentally, the use of the playing fields is to remain the same; being for community sport.  It is recommended that sports lighting and the quality of the fields be improved to increase the programming capacity of the fields and support a predicted growth in use going forward. This aligns with Council’s strategic objective of increasing opportunities for the community to be physically active in the Adelaide Park Lands. 

    Is there a budget to implement this Plan?

    No budget has been allocated to implement the draft Concept Plan.  The development of a Concept Plan enables Council and the existing sporting groups to estimate project costs and seek external funding as opportunities arise.  Your feedback and the final Concept Plan will help inform future budget decisions.

    Who would pay for the new sports pavilion?

    Typically, the responsibility for funding the construction and ongoing maintenance of a sports pavilion in the Park Lands lies with the lessee, which in this case is the Adelaide Lutheran Sports and Recreation Association. 

    How do I provide my feedback?

    You can provide feedback via:

    Feedback Form (attached to this information pack)

    Online: via yoursay.cityofadelaide.com.au Contribute your feedback via the Online Survey

    Meet with a staff member

    • Saturday 1 December 2018, between 11.00am and 1.00pm, next to the Princess Elizabeth Playground in Golden Wattle Park/Mirnu Wirra (Park 21W)
    • Saturday 8 December 2018, between 11.00am and 1.00pm, in Whitmore Square

    Email your comments to yoursay@cityofadelaide.com.au.

    Written Submissions: All written submissions must be received by 5.00pm on the date advertised and should be addressed to:

        Community Consultation

        Golden Wattle Park/Mirnu Wirra

        GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    What happens next?

    We will acknowledge your feedback either by email or in writing.

    The findings of this community engagement will help inform the draft Concept Plan for Golden Wattle Park/Mirnu Wirra, particularly in relation to recreation opportunities.

    In early 2019, a summary of the engagement findings will be posted on yoursay.cityofadelaide.com.au

    It is anticipated that the findings of this engagement along with a revised Concept Plan and building and car parking designs will be tabled with the Adelaide Park Lands Authority and Council between April and June 2019.