What is an inclusive playspace?

    Inclusive playspaces provide opportunities for everyone to play and connect with others. They are easy to access, easy to move around, provide a range of play options and challenges, and have appropriate facilities in a comfortable environment.

    Why are you creating an inclusive playspace in Rymill Park?

    The City does not have a fully inclusive playspace. A new inclusive playspace would be a point of difference from other nearby playspaces, with limited contemporary inclusive playspaces existing or currently being constructed in metropolitan Adelaide.

    In August 2017, Council approved the existing Rymill Park playspace to be replaced with a contemporary inclusive regional playspace. Longer term, all of the City’s playspaces will incorporate inclusive features.  Rymill Park, being a high profile City park, is the ideal location to provide the City’s first fully inclusive playspace.

    Who is Quentin Kenihan and why is the playspace named after him?

    Quentin Kenihan was a disability advocate, actor, film maker, movie reviewer, radio host and writer born with the bone disease osteogenesis imperfecta.

    Quentin was an ambassador for the Touched by Olivia Foundation, a national charity that works with local councils, communities and corporations to upgrade or build inclusive playspaces.

    He ran as a City of Adelaide Area Ward candidate in 2018, and inclusive play was a strong platform of his campaign.

    Quentin passed away on 6 October 2018. Following Quentin’s death, The Premier of South Australia Stephen Marshall announced $1 million in funding for an inclusive playspace in the city in honour of Quentin’s achievements

    Is this playspace associated with the Touched by Olivia Foundation?

    Yes – we are working with the Touched By Olivia Foundation to ensure the playspace meets its best practice guidelines.

    Does this project include upgrades to any other infrastructure?

    Yes, this project includes:

    • new accessible toilet facilities,
    • upgrades to the path network
    • minor changes to line-marking and signage in the existing Rymill Park/Murlawirrapurka car park to provide more accessible car parking spaces, and
    • the consideration of more accessible car parks on Rundle Road.

    How will this project affect events currently held in Rymill Park?

    We are working closely with event organisers to ensure the new playspace will have minimal impact on existing events, whilst ensuring the playspace is accessible year round.

    Will the playspace be fenced?

    Best practice design principles for fully inclusive playspaces incorporate some form of barrier to ensure a safe environment for children and carers of all physical and intellectual abilities.  This playspace is intended to support active play by all South Australians.

    What will happen to the existing playground?

    The existing playground will be removed when the new inclusive playspace is constructed.

    Are you removing any trees?

    The design will aim to retain existing trees. There are several large, healthy trees that will provide valuable shade for the new playspace and will be retained and protected during construction.

    Existing trees that are in poor health may be removed as part of the project after further assessments are undertaken.

    What about the Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka (Park 14) Draft Master Plan?

    The draft Master Plan provides a blueprint for developing Park 14’s future potential. The draft Master Plan proposes a vision and principles for the park, supported by key actions, which includes the creation of an inclusive playspace.

    Community consultation on the Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka (Park 14) Draft Master Plan is expected to commence in mid-November 2019 in line with the Community Land Management Plan.

    What about the Community Land Management Plan?

    A Community Land Management Plan (CLMP) is a document that outlines how Council owned land is to be managed, and includes objectives and policies setting out how land can be used by the community.

    CLMP’s have been prepared by Council in accordance with the requirements of the Local Government Act 1999.

    The current CLMP for Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka (Park 14) and is under review and will consider the future of playspaces in the park.

    Community consultation on the revised CLMP for Rymill Park will occur concurrently with the draft Master Plan from mid-November 2019.

    What is the timeframe for the project?

    Timeframe is as follows*
    • September &October 2019:     Engagement with key stakeholders & wider community
    • November 2019:                      Design is developed
    • January 2020:                          Design is finalised
    • March 2020:                             Construction contractor is appointed
    • April 2020:                                Construction begins
    • Late 2020:                                Completed playspace is opened.
    * please note: all dates may be subject to change