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Thank you for attending this online Live Q&A session with the Lord Mayor Martin Haese.

Your thoughts and comments have contributed to the development of the City of Adelaide 2016 -2020 Strategic Plan.

Please see below for the questions asked by community members and the answers from the Lord Mayor.
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Read the Consultation Pack for project informationView the City of Adelaide 2016 - 2020 Strategic PlanBrowse the FAQs for commonly asked questionsContact staff for further inquiries

Thank you for attending this online Live Q&A session with the Lord Mayor Martin Haese.

Your thoughts and comments have contributed to the development of the City of Adelaide 2016 -2020 Strategic Plan.

Please see below for the questions asked by community members and the answers from the Lord Mayor.
To find out more click here.

Project Information
Click here to read the Consultation PackClick here to read the City of Adelaide 2016 - 2020 Strategic PlanClick here to browse the FAQ'sClick here to contact staff for further inquiries
Read the Consultation Pack for project informationView the City of Adelaide 2016 - 2020 Strategic PlanBrowse the FAQs for commonly asked questionsContact staff for further inquiries

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  • How many new schools will you open?

    engmani asked about 4 years ago

    The draft Strategic Plan forecasts that the number of primary, secondary and tertiary students in the City on any given day of the week will increase from 39,000 to 41,000, on the way to 45,000 by 2040.

    While Adelaide City Council is not directly responsible for building or running schools, we will work closely with the State Government to support this growth in student numbers in the City, including plans for a new campus for Adelaide High School.

  • Lord Mayor, I have lived in Adelaide City for 32 years. What a great city it was. Probably the hilight was the Steve Condous era when Hutt St. was beautifully upgraded. The trees etc in King William St. and O'Connell St were planted. Since then it has slowly degraded into something farcical. Victoria Square a case in point. A wicked waste of money for what was achieved. However Frome Street is an abomination. Not against bike lanes but a child could have done better. The green paint is a great idea but concrete isn't. What frustrates me most, is the traffic lights which causing so much disruption and POLLUTION. Angas & Frome Street intersection I use several times per day. It makes me ANGRY that the lights always favour Frome when the bulk of the traffic is in Angas most of the time. Either take back control or start telling this outrageous State Government to butt out. MY QUESTION IS, DOES ANYONE CARE.

    parden asked about 4 years ago

    Adelaide City Council works very closely with the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure to manage traffic within the City.

    Council developed its Smart Move Strategy to create an accessible City. The Strategy is a 10 year plan to provide more travel choices that accommodate the needs of residents, workers and visitors. It addresses the transport and movement issues of today by looking at the potential future needs to make our streets safer, more connected, and easier for people to access and use.

    Council is committed to creating great streets and places within the City that people will want to stay and enjoy. Along these lines, the draft Strategic Plan includes the objective to increase green space and greenery in the built-up areas of the City by 100,000 square metres by 2020.

  • Many high-rise developments have been approved by city council and now I am a bit concern the supply might be over the demand and thus the apartment price in the Adelaide city might be dropped. What do you think about this?

    wendywang asked about 4 years ago

    Wendy, thank you for your question. Whilst you may be hearing news that in some sectors the residential property market in some large Australian cities that supply may have outstripped demand, we are not seeing evidence of this in Adelaide.

    Given that the vast majority of residential buildings are not built before they have been largely pre-sold, there is an inherent check and balance that protects their value.

    We are also investigating relaunching an ongoing marketing campaign that promotes the benefits of living in the City of Adelaide. We believe this is an important step in underwriting ongoing demand for city living.

    There is no doubt that more people want to live in the city because of the vibrant lifestyle and rich experiences they can only find here.

  • Dear Lord Mayor.....Thank you for this opportunity to ask a question today. I am enquiring about a submission that I lodged with the "175th Anniversary of the Adelaide City Council" program that was run last year but I have not had any acknowledgment that it was received. My question is: was my submission received and is there any progress being made to review it? submission outlines establishing a "Christian Heritage Walk in Light Square" to commemorate the invaluable contribution of Christian teachings and principles in the development of Adelaide from it's very inception. And the "walk" would display about 40 Bible verses on the ground across the length and breadth of Light Square....the Bible verses, chosen from historical ACC documents, have guided the founding members of the Adelaide City Council, along with many other councillors ever since and hopefully into the future, to create the vibrant, prosperous and successful city that Adelaide has become.

    Sanctuary Baptist Church asked about 4 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madam

    Thank you very much for your comments. Last year I recall we worked with a 3rd party to launch a online app which provided information on a cultural walking trail. This technology could well be applicable to your situation. Should you require more about the Adelaide City Explorer app, please contact my office at

  • Good Afternoon Lord Mayor, The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority congratulates Council on its vision for Adelaide as a smart, green, liveable, boutique city full of rich experiences. Since 1837, the heritage listed West Terrace Cemetery has been a community based, government owned cemetery. It was Adelaide's first major public cemetery that continues to provide burials to this very day, plus is now a multi-award winning cultural heritage attraction and a valued community resource. Given the sustainable and liveable focus of the Strategic Plan 2016-2020, and as the entity trusted with the care and control of the West Terrace Cemetery, the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority is keen to hear how Council sees the cemetery sitting within the broader vision of the Adelaide City Council. In particular, with the forecast increase in annual deaths, the emphasis on sustainability, plus the growing sense of community in the Adelaide CBD, has Council thought about how to provide ongoing space for the disposition of those who have lived and died in the city and , those who may wish to be permanently interred and memorialised there also? The Adelaide Cemeteries Authority has a vision of the cemetery as a hub for tourism, education, passive recreation and bereavement services. This includes the potential for a Natural Burial Grounds. By providing these integrated services, the Authority believes that it can make a major contribution to making Adelaide a smart, green, liveable, boutique city full of rich experiences. I welcome you thoughts. Regards Robert Pitt Chief Executive Officer

    Robert Pitt asked about 4 years ago

    Dear Robert, thank you for your question. We are certainly prioritising cultural tourism in all of its form in the City of Adelaide and as one of the City’s oldest institutions we welcome the continuing importance your organisation plays for the City’s tourism, culture and heritage. We have recently embarked upon a tourism action plan which we hope to conclude in the coming months and should you have a specific plan regarding the tourism significance of the West Terrace Cemetery I certainly encourage you to email your thoughts in greater detail to my office ( and I will ensure it will be forwarded to the appropriate project manager.

    As the Presiding Member of the Adelaide Park Lands Authority I also take a keen interest in the Adelaide Park Lands and I look forward to hearing from your further.

  • Adelaide is a perfect city for cycling, compact, mostly flat, and with a good climate. It also has a fairly well established network of parkland and shared trails. Many other cities with fewer natural advantages (Barcelona, New York, Paris) are going to great lengths to make cycling more attractive, to achieve carbon neutrality goals etc. Many cities are closing roads to vehicular traffic and constructing continuous bicycle boulevards. Most don't require helmets for cyclists, and some (Dallas, Austin, Tel Aviv, Mexico City) have repealed helmet laws to encourage more cycling - and found that cycling is safer the more people ride, and safety in numbers is more important than the use of protective equipment. Will Adelaide be looking at converting any roadways within the CBD into bike boulevards, and converting the current zig-zag of paths through the parklands into a continuous "ring route" for cyclists and walkers? Would the Adelaide City Council consider working with the state government to create helmet exemptions in certain off-road areas, and for the free bikes share scheme?

    sbtchitchat asked about 4 years ago

    Thanks. Great question. I completely agree that Adelaide is well positioned to become a world class cycling city. We are currently investigating how to improve and expand our city bike scheme, such as a point to point bike share scheme. We have a program of continuous improvement for our Park Lands cycling pathways, and we are working with the state government on North-South and East-West cycling infrastructure throughout the city.

    Regarding your question about helmets, I believe safety always needs to come first. I welcome any data on the debate of helmets verses no helmets, however ultimately this falls under state legislation. I encourage you to share your thoughts with the minister.

  • All trash cans should have two bins: Recycling/General waste. Could we aim for double bins everywhere in the City, please?

    Malgo Schmidt asked about 4 years ago

    Thanks for your question. We are currently reviewing our waste collection practices and definitely have a goal to reduce landfill, increase recycling and incentivise green waste collection. The City of Adelaide has a goal toward becoming a carbon neutral city by 2025, and our waste collection practices play an important role in achieving that. In locations including Rundle Mall, we have installed dual purpose waste and recycling bins, and we hope to have more of them soon.

  • "City of Entrepreneurs" is mentioned in your strategic plan, I would like to know what the strategies and plans are to promote our city as the city of entrepreneurs. Are there any supports from the city council? Do you have any plans in place to help existing small business to grow?

    wendywang asked about 4 years ago

    Thank you for your question. We have a plan over the next four years to grown the number of business operating in the City from 5,000 to 5,300 and to grow the number of workers from 89,000 to 94,000. The faster growing sectors in the City are education, medical, the arts, technology including clean tech, tourism and professional services. We are seeing a number of new entrepreneurs entering each of these sectors. To support all of these, we have appointed an investment attraction team, a business services support team (Enterprise Adelaide) and a number of grants and incentives.

    Examples of support programs and incentives include: the Sustainable Investment Scheme (SIS), the Activation and Business Start-Up Fund, Low Carbon Entrepreneur Prize (announced today), Open Source Data; Adelaide Free Wi-Fi network and a plan to investigate fibre to the premise.

    In partnership with the State Government we will from time to time announce new grants to support innovative new businesses in the City of Adelaide.

    Thank you for your question, much appreciated.

  • Can you please define "cultural advantages" in this context: By 2017, develop and promote an international City brand that showcases the smart, liveable, green and cultural advantages of Adelaide Will the plan include funding/support for local (South Australian) performing artists?

    Finsart asked about 4 years ago

    Adelaide has a long history of being a creative city and our 2016-2020 strategic plan supports that. In December 2015, Adelaide was recognised as a UNESCO live music city and we are currently working with partners to turn this accreditation into a means of further supporting local artists and attracting tourist.

    Adelaide City Council also actively supports many organisations that support local artists; such as the Adelaide Fringe, Adelaide Festival, WOMADelaide, the Cabaret Festival, Adelaide International Guitar Festival, Feast Festival, in addition to approximately 450 community arts and cultural events throughout the year. We have a successful public art grant scheme, an emerging curators program at Adelaide Town Hall and an artistic development program which provides opportunities for emerging artists in the city to deliver a public outcome. Thanks again for your question.

  • To the Lord Mayor Martin Haese, Regarding technology in the Adelaide CBD, and the politically contested roll out of the NBN. Does the Adelaide City Council have any measures in place to install Fibre Optics to majority of businesses and housing in the Adelaide CBD in the near future in order to future proof our city? Also, what efforts are being put in place for potential new media options to take root in the Adelaide CBD, is there any chance of seeing funding models, or initiatives develop for studios & digital media content creators in the not so distant future?

    TroyNelson asked about 4 years ago

    Thank you for your question. Supporting all types of businesses and residents in the city of Adelaide is our top priority. We welcome the roll out of the nbn network through-out the city of Adelaide and will soon will embark upon a plan to develop a business case through the nbn (technology choice program) for optical Fibre To The Premises as a new standard of infrastructure. We recognise that nbn to the premises will further support the knowledge economy sector of which we have seen 14% growth of knowledge workers in the last 3 years. To further support we plan to expand our free wifi network and deliver higher download and upload speeds.

    The city of Adelaide has partnered with CISCO to become a lighthouse city, of which we the only city in the southern hemisphere, and have recently opened the Smart City Studio.  This collaboration will enable us to collate data from a wide range of topics which we will encourage entrepreneurs to use it to uncover commercial opportunities.

    Our strategic plan has a focus on becoming a smart city whereby we will lead by example by adopting smart technology for improving the everyday experience of our city. We support entrepreneurs with our business support team called Enterprise Adelaide, and recently provided the first grants through our Activation and Business Start Up Fund which is aimed at assisting small businesses start up in underutilised buildings.

    We support all forms of entrepreneurial endeavour. Entrepreneurism is not specific to any particular industry, and we will continue to provide support to any new start-up through a range of means.

    In addition, there are over 110 separate support programs for start-ups in the city from council, state government, industry and others.

  • I note that a strategic objective now is to be ‘one of the world’s first carbon neutral cities’, and one way indicated in the Strategic Plan is To promote sustainable transport options such as public transport, cycling and walking to improve the experiences of commuters and to reduce transport related carbon emissions. I have three suggestions to realise these objectives which I would like the Lord Mayor to consider. 1. Will you charge for all curb-side car parking in the CBD, not currently charged for and guarantee to spend money collected on public transport, cycling, walking, trees and green walls in the immediate vicinity of the curbs where the money is collected? Publicise the link between the charge and the 'green' change for the better. 2. Will you set a target for reducing parking for petrol and diesel cars' curb-side parking in the city by 2% each year and replace those car parks with parks for electric vehicles, motor cycles less than 200 cc, cycle parking, separated bike lanes, wider footpaths and more tree planting? 3. I note that car movements in some city streets have declined by between 4% and 20% over recent years. Will you set targets for further reductions and measure the CO2 not emitted as a result of declining street traffic and include it in calculations as the city moves towards carbon neutrality? Peter Lumb

    Peter Lumb asked about 4 years ago

    Peter thank you very much for your questions, greatly appreciated. Our 2016-2020 Strategic Plan will seek the introduction of our first on-street car parking charging points for electric vehicles as we are tracking the sale of these type of vehicles nationally and internationally and expect an increase in sales in the forthcoming future. By 2017 we will also provide reduced car parking costs for the use of electric powered and low emission vehicles in the City - we believe this form of positive policy discrimination will support the growth of electric vehicles in the City.

    You may have also noticed that Council is currently trialling free parking for scooters and motorcycles in Victoria Square and Light Square. This initiative is already proven extremely popular.

    We are also working closely with the State Government with regard to public transport, most particularly buses, trams and trains. At this point in time, trams are the most environmentally sustainable form of transport due to how they are powered and we are working with the State Government for opportunities to expand the tram network in Adelaide.

    In summary, by favouring and supporting modes of transport that deliver lower emissions, this will further support our goal to become a carbon neutral City by 2025. Thanks again.

  • Can you please elaborate on what you mean by a "boutique city"? As mentioned in this quote from the document: 'Adelaide is a smart, green, liveable, boutique city full of rich experiences.

    Finsart asked about 4 years ago

    Thank you for your question. We believe that our size, accessibility and walkable nature of our city is an inherent strength. Research shows that cities between 800,000 to 1.5 million people around the world are more flexible, agile and collaborative due to their medium size.

    Our strategic plan is designed to play to our strengths. Those strengths are being a smart city, liveable city, green city and creative city. We have a vision to become a boutique international city which celebrates each of the aforementioned. In summary, we do not need to be bigger to be better, we can be more innovative. Thanks again. Regards.