What can be changed?

    The project to improve facilities for people who walk or ride bikes along Chatham, Willcox and Little Sturt streets forms part of Council’s Smart Move Strategy.

    All requests however, for minor design and parking changes will be considered and evaluated on their merits.

    What is a bin presentation zone?

    Throughout the City on waste collection days the crews collecting waste often have to man-handle bins through parked cars to enable the refuse truck to empty them. This slows the waste collection process, as well as prolongs the noise made by the refuse trucks.

    The project provides an opportunity to trial bin presentation zones. These zones allow residents and businesses to place their bins in an on-street designated area, not only enabling a more efficient waste collection process to take place, but also improving the pedestrian accessibility and safety by not having the bins stored on the relatively narrow footpaths.

    It is proposed that the zones will operate from 6pm Thursday to 6pm Friday. Outside of these times the zones would be used for parking as previously. The success of the zones will however, depend on the goodwill of motorists, residents and businesses to move parked vehicles and bins.

    Bin presentation zones have been successfully trialled on Regent Street North between Angas Street and Wright Street.

    Should the local residents and businesses support a trial to take place; an education campaign will be undertaken prior to implementation to inform residents and businesses in the local area of their presence and how they work.

    The trial would be monitored and its performance evaluated over a period of about 6 months. If the trial is deemed unsuccessful the bin presentation zones would be removed.

    What effect will there be on parking?

    The project requires the removal of 7 parking spaces to facilitate the additional landscaping/street trees and pedestrian improvements. Losses include 2 spaces in Wright Street, 3 spaces in Sturt Street, 1 space in Little Sturt Street, and 1 space in Willcox Street.

    The existing parking controls and time limits will be reviewed as part of the project to ensure they meet the needs of current local businesses and residents.

    Comments as part of this consultation are welcomed on suggested improvements.

    What is contra-flow bike riding?

    Contra-flow bike riding is when people riding bikes are legally permitted to travel in both directions along one-way streets. Streets that are upgraded to permit contra-flow bike riding include infrastructure to improve safety and awareness for both people riding bikes and driving.

    Where has contra-flow bike riding been already implemented?

    Contra-flow bike riding has been successfully implemented in various streets in Adelaide, including:
    • Charlotte Street and Castle Street as part of the Frome Bikeway, between South Terrace and Halifax Street (installed in 2014),
    • Little Sturt Street between Gilbert Street and Sturt Street (installed in 2014)
    • Owen, Russell and Compton streets, between South Terrace and Gouger Street (installed in 2015).
    Chatham, Little Sturt and Willcox streets Street improvements project The contra-flow bike facilities installed in Charlotte Street, Castle Street and Little Sturt Street have had a detailed evaluation study undertaken to report on the perceptions of residents, cyclists and pedestrians as to the impacts of these facilities. The studies can be found on Council’s website by click here.

    Are there alternative ways to provide my feedback?


    Write to us
    All written submissions must be received by 5pm, Monday 22 February 2016 and should be addressed to: Community Consultation
    Chatham, Willcox, Little Sturt - Street Improvements
    Project GPO Box 2252,
    Adelaide SA 5001

    Email us
    Email your submissions through to yoursay@adelaidecitycouncil.com