Why are we consulting with you?

    This is the first stage in the development of Public Value Principles which will assist Council in planning where it should create new public open spaces in the future.

    These draft Principles will provide guidance to Council as to when it should accept land gifted by developers as public open space; the most desirable locations for open spaces; and the form and quality such open spaces should take.

    The Public Value Principles will also serve as criteria that must be satisfied when new open space is proposed to ensure that developers, Council and the community have a clear understanding of what is to be provided and ensure that their delivery is streamlined.

    As key stakeholders, your views and thoughts will assist us in developing the final version of the Public Value Principles that will be presented to Council for endorsement.

    What are the cost implications of new open space for the community?

    The growth in new residents and economic activity occurring as a result of new developments represents an expanded revenue base that will support new and improved public assets. The cost to the community for the creation and maintenance of new open spaces, pedestrian and cycling links and streetscape improvements will be considered so that the impact on ratepayers remains unchanged.

    Are the Park Lands included within the scope of this study?

    No, the Park Lands are excluded. The Public Value Principles would only apply to open space within the city grid (the existing streets and built environment).