What is Tam O’Shanter Place ordinarily used for?

    It primarily serves as a local access road servicing local residents and businesses. The section proposed for closure is a two-way street.

    What signage would be put up to notify people of the road closure?

    Tandanya would engage a traffic management company to install all of the required traffic control devices needed to enact the road closure.

    How will businesses / services along Tam O’Shanter place be impacted and if so, what provisions will be put in place to support the businesses?

    Access to surrounding businesses/ services will be maintained at all times. Additionally, access to all private car parks would be maintained.

    Which part of Tam O’Shanter Place is proposed for closure and for how long?

    The closure is proposed to run from 13 February until 16 March 2020. The section of Tam O’Shanter being proposed for closure is shown on the attached location map.

    Will emergency vehicles be able to enter the closed section of Tam O’Shanter Place?

    Yes, at any given time an emergency vehicle will be able to enter the closure by opening the temporary fencing.

    Will any car parks be removed?

    Four on-street car parks within the closure area would be removed to accommodate the closure request.

    Who has the final decision on this request?

    Council has the final decision on this request which will be considered at their meeting in January 2020.