What was the outcome of Stage One of the project?

    Over 1000 people were informed about Stage One. 60 people participated in the Stakeholder Workshop and seven people provided feedback via our Your Say webpage. Key themes are recorded in the 'Stakeholder Workshop - Summary Document for Your Say'. These included priorities for: consistency across Council and the city, Universal Design approach, utilisation of technology, disability led and acknowledge diversity within disability. 

    What are the requirements of the State Disability Inclusion Act?

    The Disability Inclusion Act 2018 was passed by the South Australian Parliament in June 2018. According to the Act, Councils must prepare a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan in consultation with the community, it must be reported on annually and must be reviewed at least once in each 4-year period. 

    What does Council have responsibility for?

    The City of Adelaide (CoA) is responsible for the delivery of efficient and effective local government services to residents, businesses and visitors to the city. The city is home to nearly 25,000 residents and 311,000 daily city users. As well as delivering a range of municipal services, the City of Adelaide owns and operates a number of facilities and businesses, including: a network of parking stations, the Adelaide Central Market, Adelaide Aquatic Centre, North Adelaide Golf Course, three libraries and three community centres.  The City of Adelaide has care and control of many public spaces and places including much of the 700 hectares of Park Land that surround the city.

    The City of Adelaide has a vision for Adelaide to be a welcoming and dynamic city full of rich and diverse experiences. To realise this vision, the council has developed the City of Adelaide 2016-2020 Strategic Plan framed around four key themes: Smart, Green, Liveable and Creative. These broad themes underpin the priorities, policies, strategies, projects and services that will be designed and delivered to meet the needs of the community. 

    How do I provide my feedback?

    Contribute your feedback via the Online Survey Email your comments to yoursay@cityofadelaide.com.au Written Submissions. All written submissions must be received by 5.00pm on the date advertised and should be addressed to: Community Consultation Access and Inclusion GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    What happens next?

    We will acknowledge your feedback either by email or in writing. A final draft (Disability) Access and Inclusion Plan 2019-2022 will be presented for Council consideration in early 2019.