Why do we need street trees and grass verges?

    The City of Adelaide’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024 has identified an action to “Increase Street tree canopies and green infrastructure in city hot spots and public spaces” (Action 4.1). The aim of this action is to assist in providing shade and cooling our streets in summer as well as improving the overall amenity of our public spaces

    Across the City of Adelaide there are a number of these “hot spots” and implementation of greening in this area is a key priority for Council. Ada Street has been identified as a street that lacks tree planting and, therefore, presents an ideal opportunity to implement new trees.

    Will the planting result in parking loss?

    During the design phase of the project several elements have been considered to inform the positioning of street trees including locations of driveways, sightlines, underground services, traffic lane widths and on-street parking. Many of these constraints have legal requirements such as traffic lane widths and intersection sightlines which need to be adhered to and as such, the space in which trees can be planted is restricted.

    We have aimed to strike a balance between minimising the impact on on-street parking spaces and maximising tree planting opportunities and believe that this proposal will result in multiple benefits for the street.

    Will there be an impact to Pedestrian or vehicle movement during construction?

    City of Adelaide are focused on minimising any disruption to residents, businesses or public movement when undertaking Construction works within the city. Any disruptions that may occur during the Construction works. Stakeholders will be notified prior to works commencing.