How will residents and stakeholders be notified of this event?

    All residents and businesses residing in the surrounding area would be notified of the upcoming event via a letterbox drop organised by the event organiser in early August 2021. Included in the letter will be an event hotline telephone number.

    This event hotline telephone number is provided by the event organiser should a member of the public wish to lodge any feedback or concerns during the event.


    Who can I contact during the event if I have any concerns regarding this event?

    The event organiser will provide a hotline phone number during the event. Any member of the public can contact this number and provide their feedback to the event organiser. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to consider all feedback provided and take any necessary actions to remedy the issue. 

    Alternatively, members of the public contact the City of Adelaide on telephone: 8203 7203 to lodge any feedback or concerns. 

    Will residents be able to access properties on during the road closure?

    Yes, while the road will be closed to vehicular traffic, pedestrian access will still be maintained with the footpaths kept clear to provide clear access . In addition, residential vehicle access and egress will be maintained, at all times whilst the road is closed.  

    How will the COVID-19 Pandemic impact this event?

    All of City of Adelaide event applications and approvals are subject to the Event Organisers complying with relevant laws, regulations, and restrictions in respect of the outbreak of COVID-19. 

    The City of Adelaide do not yet know what the directions will be with respect to mass gatherings and social distancing in August 2021. 

    Preparations for this event will continue while we wait for the advice.

    Where can I find out more information about the Adelaide Marathon Festival event?

    Further information about the event can be found at:

    How do I provide my feedback?

    Via online survey: 

    Email: your comments to

    Submission Form: (attached to the information pack).

    Written Submissions should be addressed to:

    Community Consultation  

    2021 Adelaide Marathon Festival – Proposal for an event on a road 

    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    All Submissions must be received by 5pm, Monday, 26 July 2021