What does the Adelaide Town Hall Maintenance Project involve?

    Cleaning and conservation work that will restore Adelaide Town Hall to its former glory.

    What does it mean when a building is heritage listed?

    When a building is heritage listed, it means that any proposed additions or alterations to it must be assessed by Council with regard to its identified heritage values. It also means that funding is available for conservation works under Council’s Heritage Incentive Scheme.

    Will footpath access be maintained on both King William and Pirie Street?

    There will be overhead works but general access will be maintained underneath.  

    Will building access be maintained?

    Access both into and out of Adelaide Town Hall will be maintained during construction.

    Will I be able to use the balcony facing King William Street?

    The balcony will not be accessible when conservation works to King William Street are undertaken.

    What will the building look like when construction works are underway?

    There will be a mesh cover that conceals the scaffold that will be located in front of Adelaide Town Hall.

    Will all three sides of the building be worked on at the same time?

    The works will be staged. A different section of the building will be worked on in each stage i.e., the section on King William Street in one stage, and the section on Pirie Street in another stage.

    What is a façade dilapidation survey?

    A survey that is undertaken to assess the existing condition of the building and identifies any maintenance works that needs to be undertaken. A façade is the external face of a building.

    What does failure of water shedding surfaces mean?

    Water shedding means a surface that allows water to run off. When it fails water may penetrate the surface i.e., water leaks inside the building. If left untreated this may cause building damage.

    What does significant cracking mean?

    Buildings may move over time due to changes in ground conditions. However, sometimes buildings are unable to accommodate this movement which may lead to cracking. When there is significant cracking, it can be visually unattractive and if left untreated may affect the integrity, safety and stability of the structure.

    What does delamination and spalling of render and stone surfaces mean?

    Delamination can be areas of the building having poor or no bonding between layers i.e., stone and a wall. Spalling is the formation of fragments of a material that has broken off a larger part i.e., parts of render falling off the wall. If left untreated external parts of stone and render may become loose and fall off the building.

    What is a Community Land Management Plan (CLMP)?

    Each Community Land Management Plan contains information about that type of Community Land, a City-wide location map, and the Council’s management objectives, strategies and performance targets for that land. For this project the Community land management plan – Adelaide Town Hall complex is applicable.