Do you support the development of the City squares into activity hubs?

by None, over 4 years ago
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Consultation has concluded

  • Tom almost 9 years ago
    Yes, definitely! They should all be activated with kiosks / bars. Victoria Square for example would be great to have lots of table and chairs there so people could go and eat their lunch during lunch time.
  • the reading room almost 9 years ago
    I agree wholeheartedly! The beautiful layout of the city is a potential activator for getting more people to participate.

    Making Vic Square a shared zone for bikes and pedestrians would improve access to the centre of the square and would be basic way to provide acticity hubs.
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    • tour guide almost 9 years ago
      victoria Sq once had a road around it not through it... a colonel light designed. It would make such a difference if this was once again to happen and make the Square more user friendly . tour guide
  • Have a Chat almost 9 years ago
    Rymill Park - the gardens are beautiful, there are playgrounds, bbqs, paddle boats, ducks and a kiosk. So much to do, see, buy & play is the reason why people keep on coming back. Perhaps explore more of these kinds of places throughout the Park Lands.

    Also, I think Council should explore the notion of a restaurant/cafe next to the community garden in Veale Gardens - the cafe could use the garden's produce, be a centre to promote environmental issues & also put proceeds back into charities in the city. This could something really unique and I would support it!