Would you like to see more alternative sports in the Park Lands and what would they be?

by admin, over 4 years ago

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Consultation has concluded

  • Tom almost 9 years ago
    yes - yoga, tai-chi, kick-boxing, karate - all of these things would be suited to people of all ages and would get more people up and about.
  • von almost 9 years ago
    small walking groups, bird surveys with records lodged at council, and I agree with Ben, Tai-chi etc. Activities rather than large infrastructure sports
  • SkateSA almost 9 years ago
    If there were smoother paths &/or a public rollerskating rink in the parklands many skaters would utilise this.Instead of jogging/bike riding people could then skate.
  • Debbie almost 9 years ago
    Paths suitable for skating would be great, or a rink suitable for skating/hockey would be fantastic also.