Who can I contact for further information?

    For more information, please contact:
    Andrew Kneebone Event Consultant (08) 8203 7704 events@adelaidecitycouncil.com

    Will access to of Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi, Ityamai-itpina (Park 15) and Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka be affected during the event?

    Access to areas of Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi will be restricted from Friday 15 November to Sunday 17 November 2013 to event ticket holders and competitors only.

    To allow for the secure stabling of competition horses and camping for the riders and grooms a fenced area in the south eastern section of Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi will be in place from Monday 11 November to Monday 18 November 2013.

    On Saturday 16 November 2013 access to the parks listed above will be restricted to event ticket holders only.

    Alternative routes around the fenced site on Saturday 16 November 2013 will be via Rundle Road, Dequetteville Terrace, East Terrace and the central shared east-west pathway through Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi.

    How will the Park Lands be protected during their stay?

    The Australian International 3 Day Event organisers will be responsible for minimising impacts on the Park Lands by following Adelaide City Council’s Standard Operating Procedures for Events in the Park Lands. 

    The event organisers will be responsible for restoring the park to its original condition at the end of the event.

    The organisers has committed to undertaking the following Park Lands protection measures:

    • Implement tree protection zones as directed by Council staff.
    • Vehicles to keep to roads were possible and minimise vehicles movements on grassed areas.
    • Training and practice areas for horses will be controlled by dedicated stewards.
    • Sawdust will be used in the stable areas and will be removed post event.
    • Bars and Kitchens will use the surface protection system Pro Floor.
    • Parking on site will only be on non-grassed areas and only in Adelaide City Council approved areas.

    Can I expect noise where I live?

    The event will have commentary on each day of the event. The sound system will be positioned for Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi around the main arena and on Saturday in Rymill Park / Murlawirrapurka around the Lake.

    Live music will be played inside marquees on the Friday and Saturday night in Victoria Park / Pakapakanthi. Stages and speakers will be orientated away from the nearest noise sensitive areas.

    A letter box drop to residents two weeks prior will detail the event and complaint process.

    Is there an alternative way to provide my feedback?

    Yes, alternatively you can write to us. Hardcopy Consultations Packs which contains the Submission Form and background information are available from any of our Customer, Libraries and Community Centres.

    All written submissions must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 30 July 2013 and should be addressed to:

    Community Consultation
    Australian International 3 Day Event
    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001