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This project forms part of the Market to Riverbank link project, which is a $14.6 million joint investment project between the City of Adelaide and the State Government (through Renewal SA) to upgrade Bank Street, Leigh Street, Topham Mall, Bentham Street and Pitt Street.

Options have been considered to achieve the street’s vision and for the long-term operation of Bentham Street, to balance and improve pedestrian access and to cater for increased people movements that are expected as a result of the street upgrade and other major developments in the area.

Update - March 2023

Bentham Street upgrade works are now completed, with minor works remaining. These minor works include installation of public art and display cabinets which are currently being manufactured and expected to be installed later in the year.

Update - November 2020

The City of Adelaide has engaged T&J Constructions to undertake the Bentham Street Upgrade, which is the next stage of the Market to Riverbank (M2R) link. This upgrade will transform the street with new lighting, a green avenue of trees, a flush kerb environment, and several unique art installations.

The redevelopment will support the M2R link vision of connected laneways, businesses and the entrepreneurs that use our city’s smaller spaces along the M2R link. These connecting laneways and small streets are important to how our city operates as they provide a significant pedestrian route for an estimated 15,000 people daily.

Update - January 2018

City of Adelaide would like to advise that on 28 November Council approved the road use change for Bentham Street, in accordance with Section 32 of the South Australian Road Traffic Act 1961, following community feedback in support of the project. The change in traffic operations was implemented on 1 January 2018 to allow vehicles to travel one way, south bound.

The project is continuing in the detailed design phase and working with service authorities and the businesses in the street to coordinate early construction works.

Service authority construction works will take a few months to complete, prior to the core Market to Riverbank link construction commencing in the Street.

Following the completion of the service authority construction works the street design will be finalised and released to the public for final feedback.

Project Information - July 2017

The proposal for Bentham Street seeks to balance the needs of pedestrians, vehicles and bicycles to create a safer environment and improve the street amenity through greening, public seating, lighting, public art and activation.

The project also proposes to close Bentham Street to northbound traffic between between Franklin Street and Peppers Waymouth Hotel porte-cochere exit, a length of approximately 120 metres (still allowing southbound traffic), while permitting two-way traffic in the northern 20 metre section of Bentham Street between Waymouth Street and Peppers Waymouth Hotel porte-cochere exit.

This consultation is a combined approach giving community the opportunity to have their say on both the concept design for Bentham Street, as well as the partial road closure, as required under Section 32 of the Road Traffic Act, 1961 (closing Bentham Street to northbound traffic between between Franklin Street and Peppers Waymouth Hotel porte-cochere exit).

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Consultation has concluded.

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