What is the proposed goal of the workshops?

    The project aims to gather knowledge on locally appropriate practices to achieve onsite biodiversity benefits. Those practices will be collated into a simple but comprehensive document providing principles and illustrating examples of how to improve habitat and connectivity for urban native birds. An appropriate format for distribution will be produced (handbook) showcasing examples of those principles and shared with CoA staff and relevant stakeholders. On the locations where the BSC principles are implemented a bird monitoring program run by community volunteers will be established.

    Where can I find the strategies adopted by City of Adelaide to manage and improve biodiversity?

    We have developed the Integrated Biodiversity Management Plan 2018 - 2023, which outlines how we are going to manage and improve biodiversity.

    How do I provide my feedback?

    An open discussion and the opportunity to provide feedback will occur mainly through the workshops. However, the online forum on this page will allow for further discussion, suggestions and comments on existing or new topics.

    How can I sign in and have access to the building where the workshops will be held?

    On the day, please arrive early enough to have time to sign in with our Concierge at our City of Adelaide Customer Centre (25 Pirie Street, Adelaide 5000).

    Davide Gaglio or Chris Butcher will be there to escort you to the room. For any issues, please ask concierge to contact Davide Gaglio on 8203 7216.