Why was Stop 4 temporarily closed?

    Bus Stop 4 was originally closed as the result of the Botten and Bowser development which saw the development site extend into the traffic lane on Melbourne Street during construction which forced the closure of Bus Stop 4.  

    When City of Adelaide commenced the Temporary Footpath Extensions (TFEs) initiative as part of some early actions to help support the revitalisation of Melbourne Street, it was decided to maintain the closure of Bus Stop 4 and establish a TFE in front of Himalayan Kitchen.  

    TFEs aim to increase the space available for pedestrian movement, provide additional outdoor space for nearby businesses to use such as for outdoor dining and improve amenity of the street through on street greening in planter boxes.  TFES are one initiative City of Adelaide has been trialling to add vibrancy and support activation of Melbourne Street and change perceptions of the street from an arterial route into the city to a precinct destination.

    City of Adelaide asked DIT to extend the temporary closure until the end of the TFE trial at which time the future location of Bus Stop 4 would be reviewed.

    How will on street parking be impacted because of the temporary reinstatement of Bus Stop 4?

    Both options 1 and 2 will require the removal of some on street parking to ensure the required clearance for a bus to safely pull in and take off.  

    - Option 1; Five car parks will need to be removed. 

    - Option 2; two car parks will need to be removed. 

    All parking within the precinct will be reviewed to ensure optimisation with the aim to improve capacity and offset any reductions as part of a precinct wide parking review. This includes adding extra locations on nearby streets to accommodate removed car parks and rationalising parking time limits to improve legibility of restrictions and maximise turnover.

    How will my feedback be used?

    City of Adelaide values community feedback on all our projects so we can better align our decision making to the aspirations of the community. 

    Following the public engagement period, we will review the feedback submitted and use this to help inform our decision making about the new semi-permanent location for the reinstatement of Bus Stop 4. 

    Further information will be provided about which option is chosen by City of Adelaide and timeframes for construction.

    How can I have my say about the proposed locations for the semi-permanent reinstatement of Bus Stop 4?

    There are a range of ways to provide your feedback about the proposed locations for the semi-permanent reinstatement of Bus Stop.

    Online: Contribute your feedback via the online survey

    Email your comments to yoursay@cityofadelaide.com.au 

    Written submission

    All written submissions should be addressed to:

    Community Consultation

    Main Street Revitalisation – Bus Stop 4 Reinstatement 

    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001