Why is the City of Adelaide conducting a business survey?

    The City of Adelaide regularly engages with its residents and visitors through the annual Resident Survey and City User Profile Survey. Businesses, particularly small to medium businesses, are the backbone of the city economy. Therefore, it is important to regularly engage with city businesses to hear their views. This survey is only one of the many ways that the City of Adelaide keeps in touch with city businesses.

    How will the results be used?

    The results from the Business Insights Survey will help:

    • Improve and refine local economic development approaches for Council;
    • Prioritise and conduct service reviews and operations;
    • Inform activities to improve the experience of doing business in the city; and
    • Council to advocate to State and Federal Governments to better support local businesses.

    Some of these questions have already been asked through the draft Business Plan & Budget 2020-21 consultation process. Why are these questions being asked again?

    While we received over 100 responses through the Business Plan & Budget consultation process, it is important to continue this conversation with specific groups in the community to build on what we heard. We want to hear specifically from city businesses so that we can gather more detailed information to base our decisions on.

    Didn’t Council run a business survey recently? How is this survey different?

    Yes, the City of Adelaide through its Small Business Task Force, ran a Business Support Survey in late April to early May this year. The Business Support Survey was targeted at small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) to provide them with an opportunity to express their opinions about the financial support provided by Federal, State and Local governments. 

    The Business Insights Survey has broader coverage and targets all city businesses. In addition, the topics covered in the survey relate to a variety of topics such as perspectives on Council performance, business confidence and environmental sustainability.

    I'm not sure if I can participate, can you tell me more about who can fill in the survey?

    As this survey is about city businesses, you need to be an owner or operator of a business located in Adelaide (postcode 5000) or North Adelaide (5006). If you do not own or operate a city business but hold a position within a city business which allows you to answer the survey questions, you may also participate in the survey. 

    Your business does not have to have a physical shopfront to participate in the survey. If your principal place of business is in Adelaide or North Adelaide, then you can fill in the survey. For example, you operate your online business from your home, which is in Adelaide or North Adelaide.

    You must be 18 years of age or over to participate.

    Will I be identified as a participant?

    Responses are anonymous and will not be attributed to an individual. All responses will be viewed in aggregate across the whole sample of respondents. Your comments will not be linked directly to you. 

    Data collected will only be used for City of Adelaide purposes and will not be sold or shared with any third party. Specifically:

    • If you opt into the prize draw at the conclusion of the survey, your data will only be used to make contact if you are a winner.
    • If you opt in to receive the Your Community e-newsletter, your data will only be used to send you emails about community-related news.
    • If you opt to register with Your Say Adelaide, the data that you provide upon registration will only be used to keep you informed of future engagement projects, or invite you to participate in future studies relating to the subjects you are interested in.