Our Shared Vision

about 4 years ago

In delivering the Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partnership, the Government of South Australia and Adelaide City Council will realise the following vision for our city:

The City of Adelaide will be the world’s first carbon neutral city. Adelaide will build its reputation as a clean, green, and prosperous city. Our community will capitalise on the significant economic and environmental benefits of a swift and well-planned transition to a low carbon economy.

Economic opportunities in green, innovative and sustainable businesses will grow as Adelaide is embraced as a real-world proving ground for next-generation technology and transport for the future, attracting investment and building influence.

High performance buildings with green walls and roofs will help cool the city, be powered by renewable electricity and support efficient use of resources, will attract more residents to live and work in the city.

The Carbon Neutral Adelaide Partnership will enable Adelaide to grow into a more vibrant city boasting a comprehensive network of cycleways and lively public spaces. More people will live and work in the city, without compromising its grace, space and charm.

Encouraging walking and cycling, combined with a low-emission public transport system, will reduce private car usage. Electric and hybrid vehicles will be preferred in the city.

Adelaide will be internationally recognised as a city that demonstrates that a progressive urban centre can transition successfully to a low carbon economy and reap the rewards of prosperity, liveability and desirability for future generations.

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