Project background and information

over 2 years ago


The redevelopment of the Central Market Arcade provides Council with a once in a lifetime opportunity to drive major change within the heart of the Market District, with the last redevelopment occurring in the 1960’s.

Land that is owned by a Council or under a Council’s care, control and management is classified as community land in accordance with the Local Government Act 1999. The Central Market Arcade land (and adjoining Adelaide Central Market) is classified as community land.

Removal from the classification as community land can only occur by a process of revocation under the Local Government Act 1999. Community Land cannot be disposed of (eg. sold or transferred) unless it has been revoked from the classification as community land.

Council has worked collaboratively with stakeholders and considered the ideas and aspirations from Our Market District – the right ingredients for the future, being the subject of extensive stakeholder engagement, to develop the vision of the site as well as a set of objectives and principles to inform the redevelopment.

Project Information

The Adelaide Central Market will not be redeveloped. We are seeking to redevelop the Central Market Arcade (including a portion of the Central Market U Park car park directly above) for a public/ private mixed-use development including an expanded retail and market offer which is complementary to the adjoining Adelaide Central Market. This redevelopment should not negatively impact the buildings or activities of the neighbouring Adelaide Central Market.

In addition to the above, we are also seeking feedback on what you would like to see in a redevelopment of the Central Market Arcade.

For further information view:

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