Why do we need a new Christmas Festival Action Plan?

    The current Christmas in the City Strategy 2014-2018 is at end of life. During 2020 the City changed dramatically as a result of restrictions related to the global pandemic. It has been important for Council to act quickly to put in place some new approaches for Christmas 2020, that we can evaluate for a future plan for Christmas for 2021 to 2024.

    Why are we creating a Christmas Festival?

    Adelaide is a Festival city. The nature of a Festival is that they bring multiple activities in a place together under one umbrella. Festivals integrate programming and marketing, and participants, partners and audiences can work together to play their part in the Festival.  A Festival is a catalyst for local economic impact, celebrates culturally significant events, provides a platform for creative experiences, and welcomes and includes community.  

    Why did we create the Christmas Incentive Scheme?

    The Christmas Incentive Scheme directly funds local businesses, events, artists and community to deliver experiences during the Festival.

    What were the Council priorities for Christmas 2020?

    Council is acutely aware and committed to supporting City business by driving visitation to the City during the Christmas Festival. Decorations, lighting, the giant Christmas Tree, and a strong marketing campaign to promote all the daily exciting and unique experiences that bring people into the City are all key to delivering Christmas 2020.