What is the 2020-25 Christmas in the City Strategy?

    The 2020-25 Christmas in the City Strategy is an overarching framework that will guide the delivery of Christmas-related projects by the City of Adelaide, ensuring that they are aligned with the vision that the city becomes South Australia’s number one Christmas destination for visitors and residents to shop, dine and celebrate.

    The strategy will achieve this via:

    • marketing actions to develop a Christmas identity and support visitation;
    • activations that are inclusive and which entice visitors to the city;
    • engagement with businesses to work in a collaborative partnership with Council to ensure a prosperous retail sector; and
    • infrastructure projects such as lighting and decorations to ensure the city feels festive and magical.

    What is negotiable and not negotiable?



    How the budget is spent

    Budget amount

    Christmas decoration ideas

    Programming and positioning

    Ideas to encourage visitors to spend more time in the city

    Changing parking restrictions and costs

    Is there an existing Christmas strategy?

    The previous strategy Christmas in the City 5 year strategy & action plan 2014-18 is available online. As there is no strategy for the current year, the arrangements for Christmas 2019 will be very similar to those for 2018 as we work towards developing the 2020-25 strategy.