Who do I contact for more information?

    For more information, please contact:

    Rani Clark
    Event Consultant
    (08) 8203 7203

    Is there an alternative way to provide my feedback?

    Yes, you can mail inyour Formal Submission Form. Submissions must include the name and residential address of the respondent, and will be included in a report to Council which will be publically available

    All written submissions must be received by 5.00 pm on Tuesday 7 May 2013 and should be addressed to:
    Community Consultation
    Circus Royale
    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    How will my feedback influence Council’s decision?

    All feedback plays an important role in helping to inform the decision of Council however it does not determine the decision.

    What animals are in the circus?

    The circus has performing animals including cows, ponies, camels, llamas, geese and dogs.

    How are the animals trained?

    The animals have been trained using the reward method.

    Will the animals live on-site outside of performance times?

    Yes, the animals will live on-site with their keepers from setup Sunday 22 September to pull down on Tuesday 22 October 2013.
    Circus Royale will provide care and housing for all animals within a secure fenced area, including night quarters, in line with animal management regulations.

    How will animal welfare be assured?

    Circuses visiting the Adelaide Park Lands are required to comply with the current State Government legislation and guidelines relating to animal welfare. This includes the Animal Welfare Act 1985, the South Australian Animal Welfare Regulations 2012 and the South Australian Code of Practice for The Welfare of Animals In Circuses.
    The Code of Practice is legally enforceable and RSPCA inspectors regularly carry out inspections to ensure compliance.

    Will access to Bonython Park/ Tulya Wardli be affected during the event?

    For the purposes of public safety access to the lease area will be restricted. However, this event will not restrict access to any footpaths, bicycle tracks or roadways within the park.

    How will the Park Lands be protected during their stay?

    In addition to the standard requirements under the event lease, Circus Royale will be responsible for minimising impacts on the Park Lands by following Council’s Standard Operating Procedures for Events in the Park Lands.  The event will be responsible for restoring the park to its original condition at the end of the event.
    Circus Royale has committed to undertaking procedures during the event to help maintain the grass in the lease area