Why is the City of Adelaide undertaking this work?

    A key action of the City of Adelaide 2020-24 Strategic Plan is to implement a City Wide Business Model that will accelerate Adelaide’s economic growth in a more agile, efficient and effective way. Council has requested that Administration review the existing model and consider new options.

    What are some of the key drivers?

    Adelaide faces a range of external challenges impacting growth including:

    • Static state population growth (impacting future demand) 
    • Increased retail competition from global and online players 
    • Changing legislative environment (deregulation of shopping hours) 
    • Increased competition / investment from other precincts and/or shopping centres (locally and nationally) 
    • Changing consumer consumption and behaviours
    • Current COVID-19 situation and economic downturn.

    What will the new entity / agency do?

    It is envisaged the new entity will accelerate Adelaide’s economic growth by: 

    • Consolidating existing activities across multiple areas 
    • Reduce duplication and gaps in current model
    • Pooling resources for a city wide approach to economic development 
    • Being able to respond to and actively engage with commercial opportunities in a timely manner
    • Create and leverage a range of strategic partnership opportunities.

    What functions are being considered?

    A range of functions are being considered, including: 

    • Investment attraction 
    • Business growth initiatives 
    • Visitor experience and information 
    • City destination marketing 
    • Entrepreneurial and innovation support 
    • Event sponsorship, activation and partnerships.

    What type of governance model is being considered?

    The governance model under consideration is a Council subsidiary (similar to the Rundle Mall Management Authority) under Section 42 of the Local Government Act 1999. It is proposed that the board would be selected on merit with a range of competencies appropriate to oversee the entity and provide the necessary independence.

    How will the entity be funded?

    No decision has been made, however, the possibilities being considered are:

    • General rates 
    • Separate rate 
    • Grants and partnerships 
    • A combination of the above.

    How have stakeholders been engaged to date on this proposal?

    Interviews have been conducted with the seven city precinct groups, Rundle Mall Management Authority, Adelaide Central Market Authority, Adelaide Business Collective, Business SA, Property Council (SA), Renew Adelaide, Adelaide Convention Bureau and Study Adelaide, as well as a range of State Government agencies.

    An online business forum held on 4 May 2020 provided another opportunity for stakeholders to inform the development of the City Wide Business Model.

    Will the Precinct Groups be replaced by a new model?

    Precinct Groups are incorporated bodies in their own right and would not be affected by the progression of a City Wide Business Model. The contribution Precinct Groups make to the city’s economic vibrancy would continue to be valued.

    Will the funding to Precinct Groups change?

    This is unknown at this stage. The governance and financial aspects of any new model is a key consideration and is yet to be determined.

    When will the new entity form?

    Formation of a new entity will be subject to a decision by Council, and we are aiming for the new entity to begin operating in the beginning of 2021.

    What happens if I'm unable to attend the session for my industry group? Can I join another industry group session?

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