What has changed?

     For a summary of proposed changes click here.

    Why were the (City of Adelaide) City Works Guidelines reviewed?

    In 2018, we identified the review of the City Works Guidelines as a key priority to provide a better service for our customers and to support the increase in development and maintenance works happening in the City. We conducted a customer satisfaction survey to identify the key issues and priorities for our customers to ensure that we understood what you wanted us to focus on improving. The key themes for improvement identified in the survey were:

    • The website needs to be updated and more user friendly
    • Customers would prefer an online application process
    • Customers want to be kept informed throughout the application process
    • Customers want consistent messaging and communication around requirements between City Works Officers and other areas of Council.

    When will the new web page content and new City Work Guides go live?

    The consultation period will close 5pm, Tuesday 16 April 2019. All feedback will help inform the final versions of the City Works Guides and website content. It is proposed that the final content will be available from 1 May 2019. There will need to be a transition period for customers. We will be reminding customers of the new time-frame requirements as required. Although we will offer some flexibility until the end of May 2019, we will expect that the time-frames are adhered to wherever possible.

    How will you receive communication about all the proposed changes?

    The proposed changes will be communicated on the website from 1 May 2019. We will also update the information on the City Works Inbox automatic response, reminding customers of the changes in the process and where to access the new City Works Guides.

    Do I need to apply for multiple permits if my activity is covered in more than one guide? E.g. a crane and hoarding?

    Generally, no. You will only need to apply for one ‘City Works Permit’, even if your proposed activity is complex (see Section 3: Application Time-frames) and the relevant information is covered over 2 or more guides. You will only need to apply for separate permits if the work activity is to be conducted separately.

    We work across metropolitan Adelaide, is this information relevant in other Council areas?

    You will find that whilst all the statutory requirements including relevant legislation and standards are applicable based on jurisdiction (either federal or state), each individual Council may have their own standards and application processes.

    Being a capital City council, we have a unique environment and a complex mix of stakeholders to consider. Therefore, when working in the City of Adelaide, you may find that we require additional information or measures to be implemented to ensure that your activity can take place in the safest manner, with the least disruption to the local area.

    Has the application process of 2 business days’ notice increased?

    Our aim is to provide customers with the quickest turn around time that we can. Traditionally, we have always asked for a minimum of 2 business days’ notice.  Over time, the 2-business day minimum has become the standard notice for applications, and our officers are often required to prioritise applications that come in late, in order to ensure that customers receive their permits on time. Unfortunately, this can result in longer wait times for customers who give us more notice. This is something we would like to change.

    We have reviewed our application data and found that in many instances, 2 business days’ notice is not enough to assess and negotiate complex works applications that may have significant impacts on traffic and local stakeholders. We have also received feedback from customers that would prefer to receive their approved permit much earlier in the process to assist in the planning and mobilisation for works. As such, we have categorised the type of works whereby you should allow up to 5 business days’ notice for your application to be assessed, and those which can generally be assessed within 2 business days. By clarifying this for our customers, and by providing our officers with more time to assess complex work, we will be able to assess, and issue permits based on when they are submitted, allowing genuinely urgent applications to still be processed as quickly as possible.