Update 13 March 2013 - The process so far

In March 2012, following the approval of the City Centre Heritage DPA (Part 1) by the Council and the Minister of Planning, Council consulted relevant stakeholders on the proposal to list an additional 77 local heritage items.

Following consideration of responses from land owners and other relevant stakeholders, Council prepared a response to the Minister that proposed to list the 77 local heritage items.

On 1 March 2013 Council received a response from the Minister for Planning.  

Key elements of Ministers response include:
The Minister received advice from the Local Heritage Advisory Committee (LHAC), the Development Policy Advisory Committee and the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI) and the Minister proposes remove 42 of 77 of proposed local heritage listed buildings due to various reasons such as:

  •  Insufficient documentation to demonstrate value relating to s23 criteria,
  • Fabric is significantly compromised,
  • Strategic site,
  • Over representation of themes,
  • Part of larger building,
  • Entire building should be considered (not part as proposed), and or
  • Site is more appropriate as a state heritage item.

On 12 March 2013, Council considered the Minister for Planning’s response.  Council resolved to request the Minister to reconsider the proposal and to ensure that 76 properties receive immediate heritage protection under Part 1 of the DPA. Council agreed that two properties (14 -16 Market Street and 311 Morphett Street) should be removed from the list.

Next Steps
The Minister of Planning is considering Council's response and will make a decision. The final DPA with the proposed listings will be gazetted by the Minister and referred to the Environment, Resources and Development Committee of State Parliament for its review.

It is noted, finalising this Part 1 DPA is central to listing heritage buildings in the Development Plan, contributing to conserving heritage buildings. With this Part 1 DPA nearing completion, further consideration can also be given by the Minister and Council to the Part 2 DPA in the next few months.

You can view the full documents here:

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This consultation has now concluded.

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