What are the main differences between the draft CLMP for Park 21W and the existing one?

    The existing CLMP incorporates three individual parks: Park 21W, Park 22 and Park 23.

    The revised CLMP only relates to Park 21W. Existing management directions for Parks 22 and 23 will remain in place until they are reviewed and updated. This is expected to occur over the next 12 to 24 months.

    Key management differences for the revised CLMP for Park 21W include:

    • expansion of the key biodiversity area
    • expansion of the community sports licence area
    • re-establishment of the Wattle Grove
    • the provision of off-street parking facilities
    • prohibiting use of unmanned aerial vehicles (e.g. model aircraft)

    How does the Concept Plan relate to the Community Land Management Plan (CLMP)?

    The Concept Plan has been developed to inform future enhancements of the park; e.g. establish a two-level clubroom facility with a maximum ground footprint of 465sqm on the western edge of the park. The CLMP contains a series of objectives and policies to guide Council’s management of the park including elements identified in the Concept Plan; e.g. use of the clubrooms will be consistent with the operation of a community facility including not for profit community development programs and events. The Concept Plan is included as an attachment to the CLMP.

    What consultation was undertaken on the Concept Plan?

    A draft Concept Plan for Golden Wattle Park / Mirnu Wirra (Park 21W) was initially developed in consultation with the sports user groups of Park 21W. The draft was supported by the Adelaide Park Lands Authority and then approved by Council for community engagement between 21 November 2018 and 4 January 2019.

    A total of 65 feedback forms were completed online, and 18 e-mails and letters were submitted. Key findings were:

     • Desire for a more comfortable environment for using the park (e.g. shade, seating and picnic amenities). 

    • Facilities to support more informal use of the park including nature play, irrigation of the community oval and establishment of an exercise loop.

     • Strong preference for a new clubroom facility, although some were concerned about its proposed location with preferences to see it closer to the park edge.

    • Car parking was a well-liked aspect of the concept plan for some and the most objected aspect of the plan for others.

     • The biodiversity significance of the park was highly valued with a desire to see the conservation buffer zone extended to the entire south east section.

     • There was a community desire to see the historic Wattle Grove replanted. 

    Based on these key findings, several amendments were made to the draft Concept Plan prior to it being finalised and approved by Council on 4 February 2020.

    When will the Concept Plan be implemented?

    To date, Council has not allocated funding towards implementation of the Concept Plan. It’s envisaged that the Concept Plan will be delivered in stages with projects considered for funding assessed against other city-wide priorities through Council’s annual business plan and budget. Some projects, such as sports lighting and new clubrooms, will be funded by the formal users of the park.