What is a Community Land Management Plan?

    Under the Local Government Act 1999 (SA) all Councils are required to develop management plans for community land which they either own or which is under their care and control. These Community Land Management Plans, commonly referred to as CLMPs, show the way in which the land is to be used, taking into account a diverse range of recreation, conservation and other issues like sports grounds and areas of cultural significance.

    Significant changes or amendments to a CLMP require public consultation under State legislation (Local Government Act 1999 ).

    What is the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy 2015 -2025?

    The Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy 2015 -2025 (APLMS) provides a framework for the important and ongoing advisory role of the  Adelaide Park Lands Authority (APLA) on Park Lands policy and projects. APLA is committed to the protection and enhancement of the Park Lands as a globally recognised park system which surrounds and permeates our City and is central to our identity.

    The APLMS also guides the decision making and funding contributions of both the City of  Adelaide and the State Government.

    Activities and developments that may affect the Park Lands are assessed for consistency with maintaining or enhancing a broad range of environmental, cultural, recreational and heritage values of the Park Lands. Throughout the Park Lands, biodiversity and sustainability will be protected and enhanced for future generations.

    What is the Adelaide Park Lands Authority?

    The Adelaide Park Lands Authority (APLA) is principally an advisory body on Park Lands matters which also prepares the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy. It has its own charter

    The City of Adelaide manages approximately 80 per cent of the Park Lands, with the remaining 20 per cent (which includes the Botanic Garden and Botanic Park) managed by the South Australian Government.