What does Community Land status mean?

    Under the Local Government Act 1999, all local government land (except roads) that is owned by Council or is under the care, control and management of Council is classified as community land. Land that is community land cannot be disposed of, i.e. sold or transferred, unless it has been excluded from this classification or revoked.

    Council can only dispose of land after revoking this classification.

    Is Council proposing to sell the James Place Public Toilet? If so, how will Council use the proceeds from the sale?

    Council is proposing to sell the James Place Public Toilet land to an adjoining owner with the land to form part of a significant redevelopment including replacement public toilets.  The proceeds from the sale of the James Place Public Toilet will fund broader community benefits.

    Why is Council proposing to sell the James Place Public Toilet?

    The James Place Public Toilet has a limited site area of 126m2 and the structural nature of the building (particularly at the upper levels) restrict opportunities for enhanced community benefits.

    The disposal of the James Place Public Toilet to an adjoining owner will support a significant redevelopment adjacent the Rundle Mall precinct.  

    The disposal will enable an improved frontage to James Place incorporating retail, food & beverage and leisure uses.  This will add value to the retail experience supporting activity and public amenity within the James Place connection (between Grenfell Street and Rundle Mall).  

    The adjoining owner/ purchaser will be required to provide replacement public toilets consistent with the existing facilities and will be responsible for ongoing ownership and management. 

    Will public toilet facilities continue to be provided?

    The sale of the James Place Public Toilet is subject to the adjoining owner/ purchaser providing replacement public toilets as part of its redevelopment.  The replacement public toilets will be consistent with existing facilities (i.e. incorporating male, female, accessible and Changing Places facilities) for the benefit and convenience of City visitors and shoppers. 

    The adjoining owner to the James Place Public Toilet land will retain ownership and management of the new public toilets.  Requirements relating to safety, security, cleansing, maintenance, opening hours and other operational matters will be secured with Council.

    Arrangements will be made with regard to the provision of alternate public toilet facilities during the construction of the new public conveniences.