What are Community Centres?

    Community Centres across Australia generally operate as a base for a range of local activities, information, and referral services, and as a meeting place or community hub. They achieve vital community outcomes including wellbeing, social inclusion and community capacity building.  While varying in size and focus, a shared characteristic of community centres is that they operate using a community development model and as such are always unique to the community surrounding them.

    How many Community Centres do Council operate?

    The City of Adelaide (CoA) operates 3 community centres within its boundary (please see map);

    1. The Box Factory Community Centre, which is co-located with the University of Third Age (U3A) and is available for community use in the evening;
    2. North Adelaide Community Centre, which is co-located with a Library service; and
    3. The Adelaide South West Community Centre (ASWCC).

    The Minor Works building is a multipurpose venue space for community use that is not staffed.

    What facilities does the ASWCC currently provide?

    The ASWCC has an accessible open space, small kitchen, accessible toilets, public computer room, a small office and in the outdoor area, seating, bike parking and a public library chute. Patrons have access to equipment such as tables and chairs, storage, microphones, projector, screens, and whiteboards.

    The ASWCC also provides;

    • Free WIFI and 4 public computers.
    • Photocopying, printing and scanning services.
    • Location for city residents to pick up kitchen caddies and compostable liner bags.
    • Location for Free City Bike.
    • Library selection, collection and return services.
    • Equipment for loan including cargo bike, gardening tools, trestle tables, wheelbarrow, a sack truck, paper shredder and sporting equipment.

    Can Council renew the lease at the ASWCC?

    Council is unable to renew the lease because the Landlord has indicated that the property will no longer be available from 1 March 2021 as he intends to use it as his place of business.

    Will Council look at getting a new space for the community to use?

    Understanding which community services people value is critical in helping Council to decide how best we can deliver these services for the local community. Consideration will be given to potential locations, service offer and cost of service. Based on the community feedback we receive through this consultation, a report including options of how we can deliver the most valued services identified by the community, will be presented to Council for their consideration in October 2020. These may include exploring a new property, using existing council buildings, and other approaches.

    Can we get a new library in the south west?

    This engagement is not seeking feedback on library services. There are currently three Library Centres in Adelaide, located at 235 Hutt Street, 176 Tynte Street and Rundle Place, Rundle Mall.

    How do I provide my feedback?

    There are a number of ways how you can provide feedback:

    Online: Click here to complete the online Survey.

    Discussion Forum: Click here to complete the online Discussion Forum.

    Please note that due to COVID-19, there will not be any drop-in sessions nor workshops facilitated by Council on site at the ASWCC. However, Staff are available to meet 1-1 or via zoom – contact details can be seen here

    Email: your comments to yoursay@cityofadelaide.com.au.

    Written Submissions:

    All written submissions must be received by 5 pm Wednesday 2 September 2020 and should be addressed to: 

    Community Consultation

    Community Services – South West

    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    How can I provide my feedback in person?

    Throughout the consultation, staff are available to meet 1-1 or via zoom with community members. Please contact staff should you wish to do so.

    What happens next?

    We will acknowledge your feedback by email.

    Information from this consultation is scheduled to be presented to Council in October 2020 for consideration.

    All respondents will be informed of Council’s decision via email.

    Please phone staff if you require hard copy communication.