What is the City Connector Bus?

    The City Connector Bus is a free bus service in the City of Adelaide that is jointly funded by the City of Adelaide and the State Government.  The service is managed by the Department for Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) through the metropolitan east-west bus service provider Torrens Transit.  

    The City Connector Bus Service runs on two loops – an inner city loop and an extended loop around North Adelaide providing a link to popular city attractions and shopping, dining and services destinations.

    Route 98A and 98C link the city and North Adelaide every 30 minutes, seven days a week and routes 99A and 99C link the main city destinations every 30 minutes on weekdays.

    Together routes 98 and 99 provide a coordinated 15-minute frequency on weekdays from North Terrace to Hutt Street, Hurtle Square, Whitmore Square, China Town, Central Market and Victoria Square.

    The service runs from early in the morning until 7.15pm daily, with extra services running on Friday until 9.15pm.

    The buses are air conditioned and wheelchair and pram friendly.

    How many people use the City Connector Bus Service?

    On average, around 17,000 to 18,000 people use the City Connector Bus Service each week.  This number can increase to 20,000 per week during the festival season.

    Why is the City of Adelaide consulting on the City Connector Bus Service?

    The objective of the public consultation is to help the City of Adelaide understand why people currently use the service or alternatively why they don’t, and what a transport service in the City could look like.  This information will be used to inform how the service could evolve in the future.

    How can I provide my feedback about the City Connector Bus Service?

    A number of consultation activities will be undertaken for this public consultation process including:

    • Online survey (hard copies are available on request at the Customer Centre, Community Centres and libraries)
    • Online community workshops
    • Online targeted stakeholder workshop (by invitation only)

    The online survey can be accessed here. Users and non-users of the City Connector Bus Service will also be ‘intercepted’ on the street to complete the online survey.  

    Two workshops are being held online to provide you with an opportunity to provide your feedback to the team. Click here to register your interest in being part of an online community workshop.

    We will also be seeking to contact stakeholders direct for participation at the targeted stakeholder workshop. If you are a stakeholder that can represent a key cultural, educational or health institution, retail, business or service provider located in the City please email h.gallagher@cityofadelaide.com.au.  

    When do I need to provide my feedback by?

    The public consultation on the City Connector Bus Service starts on 17 September 2020.  All feedback needs to be received by Council by 5pm, Thursday 8 October 2020.  

    Who should participate in the consultation process about the City Connector Bus Service?

    We are keen to hear from anyone who has an interest in the City Connector Bus Service.  In particular, we are keen to hear from people who use the service currently or have done so in the past. 

    We are also interested in hearing from people who do not use the service now or haven’t used the service at all. 

    We are also interested to hear from businesses and organisations whose staff and clientele may use or benefit from a City Connector Bus Service.

    How will community feedback be used by the Council?

    Once the public consultation process concludes, the information gathered will be collated and analysed and a summary report prepared.  This report will be considered by the Council along with a range of other information about the City Connector Bus Service to determine the future provision of the bus service.