What is the 'urban heat island effect'?

    The 'urban heat island effect' is when a built up city creates warmer temperatures, than suburban and rural areas. This is due to the dark hard impervious surfaces absorbing and trapping heat, combine with a lack of moisture, trees and other shade to provide cooling. 

    What is a 'Canopee'?

    A 'Canopee' is a French product, a lightweight tree canopy shaped trellis in a round planter base. Its designed to create green living sculptured canopies providing cooler, more resilient and sustainable urban environments.

    What is 'green infrastructure'?

    Green infrastructure is the technical name for a tree, plants and anything that can grow plants on it, such as green walls and arbours.

    Where can I find more information about climate change for my region?

    Climate change affects different parts of the earth in different ways, our State Government has developed information related to South Australia, and our regional adaptation partnership Resilient East has developed region specific scientific information, adaptation plans and projects.