Do I need to own a pet to have a say?

    No, the Plan is meant to serve all community members.

    Can this plan change any of the rules relating to dog and cat ownership?

    No, this plan is a vision for the management of dogs and cats but does not create or change any of the rules. 

    I want to see the rules changes for exercising dogs (e.g. on or off-lead areas). Can I ask for this now?

    Yes, however no rules will be changed as part of this plan. We will note any ideas or requests of this kind to be included in future works. 

    I want to see the laws changed for pet ownership (e.g. animal welfare issues, breeding issues). Can I do this now?

    No, almost all laws relating to animal ownership and welfare are set by State Parliament. You will need to direct your ideas to the Dog and Cat Management Board or your local Member of Parliament. 

    Why does Council need a Dog and Cat Management Plan?

    Not only does the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 require Council to have a plan relating to the management of dogs and cats, it’s a good tool for Councils to have to help guide dog and cat management in their area. 

    Are Dog and Cat Management Plans different at each council?

    Yes, all plans are tailored to the unique environment and community in each council area, however the Dog and Cat Management Board reviews and approves all plans so there is a level of consistency in approach across all councils. 

    I want to know more about owning a cat or dog, who can I talk to?

    Two good places to start are the Dog and Cat Management Board website or contacting your local vet. They will be able to answer any questions about the benefits and responsibilities of dog and cat ownership. The The Dog and Cat Management Board website also includes select-a-pet quizzes which can help you choose a pet which best matches your lifestyle (see and