Where can I go for more specific FAQs about the draft plan and budget?

    We've put the most commonly asked questions about the Draft 20313-14 Business Plan and Budget into one document, click here to read it.

    How do I provide my feedback?

    You can make a submission on the draft Business Plan and Budget before 5:00 pm Wednesday, 29 May 2013. There are a number of ways in which you can provide feedback:

    Feedback Form
    Complete the Feedback Form which asks specific questions about the Budget and provides an opportunity for general comments regarding the Budget. This feedback form can be found online and on the following page of this document.

    Written Submissions
    All written submissions must be received by 5.00 pm 29 May 2013 and should be addressed to:
    Community Consultation2013-14 Business Plan and Budget
    GPO Box 2252, Adelaide SA 5001

    Public meeting
    You can nominate to speak to your submission at a Public Meeting to be held at the Town Hall at 5:15 pm on 3 June 2013. If you would like to speak to your submission at this meeting, please indicate this on your written submission. If you indicate that you would like to speak, a council staff member will contact you to inform you of your scheduled time slot. You will be allocated a maximum of two minutes.

    Budget Allocator
    A new inclusion in the Business Plan and Budget consultation this year is the Budget Allocator which can be found online at yoursay.adelaidecitycouncil.com. This tool allows you to tell us how you would like to see the 2013-14 budget allocated. It includes an overview of Council Programs and key projects proposed for the 2013-14 financial year.

    Alternatively comments can be emailed to yoursay@adelaidecitycouncil.com.

    What happens to my feedback?

    Once your submission is received, staff will send you a confirmation of its recpit so please make your details are correct.

    Staff will review all feedback, submissions and correspondence and collate these responses in a report. This report will be presented to Council at a Public Meeting on 3 June 2013. There will be the opportunity to speak to your submission at this meeting. Please click here for information about the Public Meeting.

    Consideration will be given to all feedback received. Following the consideration of feedback, it is envisaged that the final 2013-14 Business Plan and Budget will be presented Council for their endorsement in June 2013.

    All submissions will be available online after the consultation period. Council responses to key submission themes will also available online after at this time.

    How do I know my feedback has been received?

    All feedback forms, submissions or correspondence will be acknowledged either by email or in writing so that you know your comments/feedback has been received.

    Who can I contact for more information?

    For more information, please contact:

    Anika Richardson
    Corporate Planning Consultant
    Phone: 8203 7164
    Email: a.richardson@adelaidecitycouncil.com