Why do we have a Business Plan & Budget?

    Under Section 123 of the Local Government Act 1999 Councils must have, for each financial year, an annual business plan and budget. It must include a summary of Council’s long-term objectives as set out in its strategic management plans. The strategic management plans identify the Council’s objectives, how a Council intends to achieve its objectives, how they fit with the objectives of other levels of government, performance measures and estimates of revenue and expense.

    The following documents comprise the City of Adelaide’s suite of ‘strategic management plans’:

    • Adelaide: The World’s most Liveable City, 2020-2024 Strategic Plan
    • Long Term Financial Plan
    • Infrastructure and Asset Management Plans

    The draft 2020-2021 Business Plan & Budget aligns with our ten service categories which contain the 92 individual services we deliver (library programs, waste collection, regulatory etc). 

    The draft Plan delivers on Year 1 of the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan adopted by Council in March 2020 and reflects the four Community Outcomes identified: Thriving Communities, Strong Economies, Dynamic City Culture, Environmental Leadership. It also supports delivery of the Enabling Priorities identified in the Strategic Plan. 

    How was the draft developed?

    The draft Business Plan & Budget has been developed in the context of delivering our long-term strategic direction set out in the Strategic Management Plan documents required under the Local Government Act 1999. This includes the 2020-2024 Strategic Plan.

    It is the result of a rigorous process of review and challenge to every aspect of projected revenue and expenditure with a strong focus on efficiency and alignment to the Strategic Plan. That process has centred on the Recovery Principles developed to assist our future decision making in light of COVID-19.

    • Our rates, fees and charges approach is fair and equitable
    • Financial borrowings adjusted to stimulate growth
    • Proceeds from selling assets will build a ‘future fund’
    • Asset renewals will be prioritised based on audit condition and risk
    • Asset enhancements will be delivered through partnerships
    • We will seek Government funding for new infrastructure
    • Our service delivery will reflect the needs of the community
    • Investment is prioritised to support recovery

    How much is the expected income and expenditure for 2020-2021?

    The total funding requirement for this draft Business Plan & Budget is $236.6m made up as follows:

    Delivery of services


    Strategic projects


    Infrastructure and renewals


    Major projects


    Project re-timings


    Subsidiary capital




    Total expenditure 2020-2021


    We get the revenue required from:

    Non-residential rates


    Residential rates


    Fees and charges


    External funding (including grants and subsidies)


    Other funding




    Total revenue 2020-2021


    What has been the financial impact of COVID-19 and how have we addressed it?

    The financial impact of COVID-19 has been severe on business and households and on the City of Adelaide’s own revenue. By June 2020, the City of Adelaide had experienced a $21m reduction in income from parking, commercial businesses and property compared to pre-COVID levels.

    In 2019-2020 The City of Adelaide implemented a broad-based City Support Package at a cost of $4m.  In 2020-2021 support is proposed to continue through:

    • Customary fees and charges increase put on hold
    • A freeze on the rate in the dollar for residential and non-residential ratepayers
    • Activation in key city precincts to support visitation and business growth
    • Implementation of ideas generated through the Recovery and Reimagine engagement that closed on (12 June) and generated over 100 ideas. These will be incorporate into the delivery of our ongoing services and projects, as subject to this consultation.

    What efficiency saving are included in the draft budget?

    Draft budget 2020-2021 includes an ongoing efficiency savings of $20 million, to be considered in the context of service delivery.

    How will my input make a difference?

    Your contribution may be used to inform the final content of the 2020-2021 Business Plan & Budget. It may also inform other planning and projects, including future Business Plan & Budgets.

    How do I provide my submission?

    You can make a submission on the draft 2020-2021 Business Plan & Budget by midnight on Thursday 23 July 2020. There are several ways in which you can do this: 


    Visit yoursay.cityofadelaide.com.au for consultation information and online submission form. 


    Written submissions can be emailed to StrategicPlan@cityofadelaide.com.au

    In Writing 

    Written submissions can be posted to:

    Community Consultation 

    Draft 2020-2021 Business Plan & Budget

    GPO Box 2252 

    Adelaide SA 5001

    Written submissions can also be taken to the Customer centre, 25 Pirie Street and at any of our libraries and community centres during business hours. Please ensure that you allow enough time for your submission to be delivered if opting for Australia Post.

    All submissions must be received by midnight, Thursday 23 July 2020.

    What happens next?

    All submissions will be acknowledged either by email or in writing so that you know your comments have been received. 

    Your input is important to us. The City of Adelaide staff will collate all feedback and this report will be presented to Council for consideration as part of finalising the 2020-2021 Business Plan & Budget. 

    Following the consideration of feedback, it is envisaged that the 2020-2021 Business Plan & Budget will be presented to Council for adoption in late August 2020. 

    All submissions received can be viewed online after the adoption of the Strategic Plan at  yoursay.cityofadelaide.com.au.