Draft 2021-2022 Business Plan and Budget - Background

The Business Plan & Budget is the key annual operational and financial planning document of the City of Adelaide. It sets out the key activities, projects, and services we plan to provide in the upcoming financial year, our sources of revenue, and how we propose to allocate our budget.

The Plan has been developed in the context of delivering our long-term strategic direction set out in the City of Adelaide 2020-2024 Strategic Plan and in the context of the challenges, financial constraints, and opportunities arising from COVID-19. It is a budget built with City Recovery in mind.

This budget has been formed over the past several months through a series of workshops and discussions with Council Members and our Audit Committee, about the City of Adelaide’s financial position. These discussions included consideration of the financial levers available to Council to help the City recover and improve the City of Adelaide’s long-term financial sustainability.

Financial sustainability is based on the current generation funding the services and infrastructure they use, and that new infrastructure and assets funded through borrowings will not over burden future generations. As such, a ‘balanced budget’ is being built in 2021-2022 through the implementation of measures that will generate permanent and ongoing budget improvement.

These measures will be identified and implemented over the next 12 months and include:

  • working with our community and reviewing market conditions to better understand and deliver our services
  • organisational and operating activity efficiencies

increasing patronage to Council’s commercial businesses.

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Consultation has concluded.

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