Draft Rating Policy - Background

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This year Council has proposed four changes to the Rating Policy to be consulted on as part of engagement with the community on the 2021-2022 Business Plan and Budget. The proposed changes are:

  • Introducing a discount for upfront payment of rates.
  • Increasing the threshold for the Special Discretionary Rebate.
  • Removing the pensioner and self-funded retiree concession.
  • Changing the basis of rating vacant land.

Section 123 of the Local Government Act 1999 (SA) requires Council to have a Rating Policy that must be prepared and adopted as part of the Business Plan and Budget each year.

The Rating policy includes reference to compulsory features of the rating system, as well as the policy choices that the Council makes on how it imposes rates and how it administers the collection of rates.

Fundamental to a Rating Policy is that it should be fair and equitable, recognising that all ratepayers have access to core goods and services and should contribute towards the costs of delivering them. With that in mind, the Rating Policy attempts to balance the principles of taxation with the need to raise revenue to provide the goods and services our communities need.

The amendments proposed to the Rating Policy are a result of Council Member feedback to the workshop presentation made at The Committee meeting held on 24 November 2020. These changes are proposed ongoing changes to our Rating Policy.

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Consultation has concluded.

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