How was the Draft 2023/24 Business Plan and Budget developed?

    Our approach to planning for 2023/24 started with Council Member training and onboarding following the November 2022 Local Government Elections and continued over several months, giving consideration to:

    • Council’s Strategic Plan 2020-2024, Long Term Financial Plan, Strategic Asset Management Plan, Asset Management Plans and associated Strategies and Plans
    • Council Member priorities and community insights from their campaign trails
    • Community feedback from regular engagements
    • Key challenges and opportunities arising from research of our operational environment
    • Financial sustainability and core budget management principles
    • Asset management, integrated and forward asset planning

    Why do we have a Business Plan and Budget?

    The Business Plan and Budget is the key annual operational and financial planning document of the City of Adelaide. It sets out the key activities, projects, and services we plan to provide in the upcoming financial year, our sources of revenue, and how we propose to allocate our budget.

    The following documents comprise the City of Adelaide’s suite of Strategic Management Plans:

    The Draft 2023/24 Business Plan and Budget ensures we continue to deliver efficient services that are valued by our communities.

    How will my input make a difference?

    Your feedback will be provided to Council and may inform their final decision when adopting the Business Plan and Budget 2023/24.

    What opportunities are there to speak to someone in person?

    Staff will be available in the City of Adelaide Customer Centre (25 Pirie Street, Adelaide) from 9am until 5pm every Wednesday during the consultation period to provide information and answer any questions you may have. 

    You can request a face-to-face meeting with one of our staff by appointment, by getting in touch with us over email at 

    Public forums and drop-in sessions will be held at our community centres and libraries; the dates and times can be found here.

    What are we investing in 2023/24, and how will we find this investment?

    What we're investing in:

    Strategic Projects
    Capital Works

    How we will fund this investment:

    Rates Revenue
    Fees and Charges and Other Income
    Grants, Subsidies and Contributions
    Proceeds to build the Future Fund

    What happens next?

    Your input is important to us. 

    All submissions will be acknowledged, either by email or in writing, so that you know your comments have been received. 

    The City of Adelaide staff will collate all feedback into a report that will be presented to Council for consideration as part of finalising the 2023/24 Business Plan and Budget.