What is the Adelaide Park Lands Community Land Management Plan?

    Under the Local Government Act 1999 (SA) all Councils are required to develop management plans for community land which they either own or which is under their care and control.

    Community Land Management Plans (CLMPs) show the way in which the land is to be used, considering a diverse range of recreation, conservation and other issues like sports grounds and areas of cultural significance. Significant changes or amendments to a CLMP require public consultation in accord with the Local Government Act 1999.

    The CLMP for the Adelaide Park Lands covers the community land under the care and control of the City of Adelaide.

    What is the difference between the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy and the CLMP?

    The Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy (APLMS) is an aspirational document which identifies what Kadaltilla/Adelaide Park Lands Authority, Council and the State Government are trying to achieve at a strategic level.

    The CLMP identifies how the land will be used and managed.

    These two documents must work together such that the CLMP must be consistent with the APLMS. 

    Why has Council proposed a ‘one plan’ approach to the CLMP for the Adelaide Park Lands?

    A single consolidated CLMP offers several benefits:

    • Greater compliance with the legislative requirements.
    • Clearer content for communicating with the community and the State Government about the management of the Park Lands.
    • A single document that is both easy to use and more straightforward to update.
    • Reduced risk of duplication between multiple documents.
    • Effective public consultation via a single document instead of a series of separate consultations.
    • Less potential for inconsistency with the Adelaide Park Lands Management Strategy.

    Why has the CLMP been reviewed?

    Under the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005, Council must undertake a comprehensive review of its management plan for community land within the Adelaide Park Lands at least once every 5 years.

    How will the CLMP be updated if a change is proposed in a single park?

    The section or ‘annexure’ relating to an individual park would be extracted and the amended draft annexure consulted on as required under legislation. The revised draft annexure would be considered by both Kadaltilla and Council and once adopted, inserted back into the main document. There would be no need to consult on or amend the full CLMP.

    What is Kadaltilla’s role in the CLMP? What is Council's?

    Before it releases the proposed Community Land Management Plan for public consultation, Council must consult Kadaltilla on a draft of its proposal. This is a requirement of the Adelaide Park Lands Act 2005.

    Kadaltilla has reviewed the current draft and advised Council that it supports the document for the purpose of community consultation.