What is heritage?

    Heritage is usually defined as what we inherit. Heritage is comprised of the things that we want to keep because they are irreplaceable and precious.

    Tangible heritage includes historical buildings and places; cultural objects, creations and artefacts; documents; fine art; landscapes; archaeological and geological evidence; paleontological remains; and sacred and spiritual sites. 

    Intangible heritage includes oral histories and traditions; indigenous knowledge systems; rituals and cultural performances; creative arts; skills and techniques; belief systems; cultural festivals; and popular memory.

    What is the purpose of the HSAP?

    The purpose of the Strategy is to guide and monitor decisions about the City’s heritage over the next 15 years with the following aims:

    • Protect, preserve and promote our heritage
    • Enable a proactive approach to heritage
    • Embed heritage within the City’s future growth and development
    • Enable the Kaurna story to be told, where appropriate.

    How is the HSAP 2020 - 2035 structured?

    The Strategy is structured on three pillars of heritage management: protection, preservation and promotion together with four key ideas: Tried and true (continuing with what we do well); World Heritage listing nomination; Making heritage places and Sharing our heritage information.

    Specific aims, actions and ways of measuring success are identified within each pillar of heritage management.  

    What is Council’s role in heritage?

    Council’s role is to:

    • Continue to protect, preserve and promote heritage.
    • Engage with our partners to promote and advocate for heritage.
    • Review our existing heritage and augment our protected places and spaces.
    • Understand the challenges facing heritage places and devise and implement solutions.
    • Engage with our community to provide information and access to information so that stories about European and Aboriginal heritage can be told.

    What effect will the new Planning and Design Code have on the Heritage Strategy

    In 2021 the new Planning and Design Code will replace all council Development Plans throughout South Australia. Together with the parliamentary inquiry into the state’s heritage system, significant change is anticipated.  The Strategy recognises the importance of maintaining a strong position on heritage policy affecting the City’s heritage and engaging with the legislative framework for heritage assessment and protection in South Australia.

    What role does heritage play?

    Heritage provides an anchor for people. An acknowledgement of history grants a society the understanding of the present and a sense of direction for the future.

    How important is heritage to our community?

    Heritage is valued by our community for its contribution to the City’s identity and liveability. Articles about heritage regularly appear in the media and Council has a current and growing social media and digital engagement with the community regarding our heritage promotion program. In addition, the conservation of heritage places contributes significantly to the City’s economy and increasingly, will be a drawcard to attract visitors to the City.

    How often will the Strategy be reviewed?

    It will be reviewed every five years to ensure the direction set and the actions proposed are still relevant.

    How will the Strategy’s success be measured?

    The Strategy contains specific actions for managing our heritage into the future. We will use those actions to measure the Strategy’s success.