What is proposed?

    The Temporary Use of Public Space Policy will replace the Objects on Footpath Policy and Street Permit Policy) both of which were in need of review. The new policy maintains their intent via eight guiding principles that aim to simplify the basis on which public space may be used. Refer to the Summary of Proposed Policy Changes document for further information.

    Why do we need a new policy?

    Council has a responsibility to review policies periodically to ensure that legislative requirements are up to date. The draft Temporary Use of Public Space Policy replaces two policies which were due for review (see above) and brings all permits covered by these policies into alignment with Council’s Strategic Plan.

    Which permits will the new policy cover?

    • Badge Days
    • City Works
    • Collection of Monies
    • Media Production and Photography
    • Mobile Food Vending
    • Objects on Footpath
    • Outdoor Dining
    • Parklets
    • Street Permits – Busking, Preaching, Pamphlet Distribution, Pedestrian Advertising
    • Street Trading 

    Will the new policy affect my current permit?

    The new policy won’t affect existing permits issued under previous policies or guidelines.

    Will the new policy change what is permitted for future permits?

    The draft Temporary Use of Public Space Policy provides strategic context about Council’s priorities and guiding principles for the use of public space. The details about what is and isn’t permitted are outlined in the relevant guidelines.

    Will there be any changes to permit guidelines?

    Guidelines due for review will be reviewed and where possible streamlined and simplified. Any changes to the rules within our guidelines will be communicated with our customers.

    When will the draft Temporary Use of Public Space Policy come into effect?

    After consultation closes on 14 February 2020, a summary of all feedback along with any amendments to the draft policy will be presented to Council for approval. This is estimated to be between March and April 2020.