Stage 2 - Consultation

During Stage 2, we sought community feedback to help us evaluate the effects of the trial Park Lands Dry Area.

In December 2014, the State Government advised that Council's application for a trial Dry Area was successful. The trial applied to all Park Lands between the hours of 8pm and 11am the following day for a period of three months.

In March, an mid-way (interim) evaluation report on thee trial park Lands Dry Area was then presented to Council and the Commissioner for Liquor and Gambling. Based on this analysis, it was recommended that the trial be continued for a further six months. You can read this report here.

During the trial period Council consulted with community, key organisations and service providers to inform the evaluation. Consultation was carried out from 23 December 2014 until 20 July 2015.

Who did we hear from?

Stakeholder Number invited to submit feedback Number of submissions received
General Stakeholders 117 25 (16 Residents)
Social Service Organisations 20 3
Resident and Precinct Groups 14 2
Peak Bodies 9 1
Government Departments 9 NIL
Park Lands Licence holders and lessees 40 NIL
Park Lands users Intercept survey 155
Total 209 186

The trial Park Lands Dry Area concluded on 22 September 2015. After considering Council’s evaluation and the suite of strategies developed by the Senior Officer’s Group to address excessive alcohol consumption in vulnerable people, the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner approved a further 12 months for the Park Lands Dry Area to allow time for the strategies to be implemented. The Park Lands Dry Area is in effect from 8pm to 11am the following day and expires on 22 September 2016.

Click here to read the final Evaluation Report & Consultation Outcome.

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Consultation has concluded

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