What are the Ebenezer Night Markets?

    Ebenezer Night Markets has been held since 2012. Originating as a pilot Splash Adelaide initiative (formerly known as East End Summer Fridays), Ebenezer Night Markets aims to provide activity and vibrancy to the East End by featuring 45 stall holders on each night selling a variety of items including food, jewellery, arts, crafts and fashion. Music (ordinarily by way of a DJ) is played during the event. 

    Stall holders are invited to attend by the event organiser. During the event dates (see ‘schedule’ above), it is proposed that Ebenezer Place between Union Street and Rundle Street will be closed to vehicular traffic between 2.30pm and 11:59pm. 

    To facilitate the road closures, it is proposed that all the on-street parking spaces on Ebenezer Place will be changed to ‘No stopping’ from 1pm-midnight on each event day. 

    Pedestrian access would be maintained along Ebenezer Place and the event site will not be fenced. 

    The event would adhere to the City of Adelaide and Liquor Licensing requirements. 

    Noise levels would be monitored throughout the event to ensure that the event organiser does not exceed the maximum noise levels permitted by the City of Adelaide Event Noise Mitigation Standard Operating Procedures. 

    A sound check would be conducted at 6pm on each day of the event.

    An approval for Ebenezer Night Markets would be by way of a permit issued by the City of Adelaide. 

    How will stakeholders be notified of this event?

    If the event is approved all residents and businesses residing in the surrounding area will be notified of the upcoming event via a letterbox drop organised by the event organiser two weeks prior the event. Included in the letter will be details of expected noise, road closure details and an event hotline telephone number.

    This event hotline telephone number is provided by the event organiser should a member of the public wish to lodge any feedback or concerns during the event. 

    Additionally, City of Adelaide upload details of upcoming, approved events on it’s Event Dashboard  - https://www.cityofadelaide.com.au/community/spaces-rooms-venues-to-hire/upcoming-events/

    Who can I contact during the event if I have any concerns regarding the event?

    Events are required to provide an event hotline telephone number, should a member of the public wish to lodge any feedback or concerns during the event.

    Any member of the public can use the event hotline number to provide their feedback to the event organiser. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to consider all feedback provided and take any necessary actions to remedy the issue. The event hotline phone number will be operated for the duration of the event. 

    Alternatively, members of the public contact the City of Adelaide on 8203 7203 to lodge any feedback or concerns. 

    Would fixed businesses remain accessible during the Ebenezer Night Markets?

    Yes, while the road will be closed to vehicular traffic, pedestrians will still be able to access the businesses on Ebenezer Place between Union Street and Rundle Street and the event organisers will ensure the footpaths are kept clear to provide clear access to existing premises.

    Will commercial vehicles be able to service businesses within the road closures?

    During the road closure no vehicles (authorised vehicles exempt) will be able to access the closed portion of road.

    Where can I find out more information about the Ebenezer Night Markets?

    If the event is approved, the event organisers are invited to list details under the ‘What’s On’ section of the City of Adelaide website at www.cityofadelaide.com.au/whats-on or the events dashboard at www.cityofadelaide.com.au/community/spaces-rooms-venues-to-hire/upcoming-events/.